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Connect to Purpose – A Year of Change and Growth in the DC Lab Benefits Hopeful Parents

Dr. Sammi Sun, Laboratory Director Ovation® Fertility Washington DC has been a network lab for about a year now. During this time, the team has been working hard to implement new technology to help bring the joy of parenthood through innovative science.

Dr. Sammi Sun, Laboratory Director

According to the Laboratory Director Dr. Sammi Sun, “From implementing new technology to adopting new procedures, there have been a lot of positive changes in our lab this year. It’s been a lot of transition and hard work, but it’s worth it for the patients.”

This month’s Connect to Purpose story looks at some of the changes that have occurred in the DC lab this year.

Since joining the Ovation network, the Washington DC lab has taken its tech to the next level. Embryologists and andrologists were thrilled to receive new microscopes to help with the complex procedures they perform on eggs, sperm and embryos. The team also welcomed the addition of Matcher for electronic witnessing.

“The addition of new microscopes in the lab makes it easier for our andrologists and embryologists to work with our patients’ reproductive materials, while Matcher gives intended parents greater peace of mind,” Dr. Sun explains.

Speaking of peace of mind, the DC lab also has a new alarm system through XiltriX. The system carefully monitors all laboratory equipment and conditions 24/7/365. It also alerts the DC team if anything changes so that they can spring into action.

“We aren’t just dealing with eggs, sperm and embryos. We’re handling our patients’ dreams of a family, and precise monitoring is vital to keep these dreams safe,” Dr. Sun says.

In addition to these new tools and systems, the lab has also started using a new electronic medical records (EMR) system in the form of Artisan. The adoption of this system means that DC is on the same EMR as the other Ovation lab locations, making it easier to collaborate and keep patient records organized.

“A new EMR might not sound that impressive, but it plays an important role in helping patients become parents. Having accurate and organized patient records allows our team to make the best decisions in the lab to help patients achieve their family-building goals,” Dr. Sun explains.

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