Donor Egg Guarantee Program

Beyond Donor Eggs with the World’s First Euploid Embryo Guarantee

IVF treatment with donor eggs is a viable option when fertility is compromised due to lack of ovarian production, the presence of a genetic condition, or previous IVF failure. Third party reproduction techniques with donor eggs are highly successful and offer couples a genetic connection to their baby when a partner’s sperm is used for fertilization.

At Ovation® Fertility, we take the benefits of donor egg-based treatments to the next level by offering several packages that guarantee prospective parents chromosomally normal (euploid) embryos, and/or a specified number of fertilization attempts, for an all-inclusive, low price. With a genetically screened embryo from Ovation, you are guaranteed the best chance of successful pregnancy.

Genetic Testing for Healthy Embryos

In the early days of IVF, clinicians transferred fresh donor egg embryos, which required timing the donor and recipient’s reproductive cycles to enable a quick transfer of the resulting embryo. This protocol left no time for reliable genetic testing. Now with the advent of an advanced freezing technique called vitrification – invented, in part by Ovation – clinicians can spend the time required to properly screen embryos before transfer.

Adding in preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A), available through Ovation Genetics, physicians can confidently transfer one chromosomally normal embryo at a time. And with Ovation’s Euploid Embryo Guarantee®, you can get your best chance for pregnancy for a fixed, affordable price.

Our Euploid Embryo Guarantee Program Offers Options

Ovation initially designed the world’s first Euploid Embryo Guarantee® program with two plans to provide prospective parents with the best options for successful pregnancy. Today, we have expanded our package options to help even more people achieve their dream of having a family. Prospective parents can choose a plan that fits their goals, within their individual budgets, using their partner’s or donor sperm.

  • Single Euploid Embryo Guarantee Package  (Patient must pre-qualify; guaranteed to deliver one or more proven euploid embryos or a complete refund).
  • Double Euploid Embryo Guarantee Package  (Patient must pre-qualify; guaranteed to deliver two or more euploid embryos or have 24 eggs fertilized in the attempt, whichever comes first.)
  • Affordable Eggs + Genetic Testing Embryo Package  (Designed for situations where medical pre-qualifications are not met for the guarantee packages. If frozen eggs are selected, we will fertilize 16 eggs. If a fresh cycle is used, we will fertilize as many eggs as are aspirated, up to 16. We will perform PGT-A on six resulting embryos, with any remaining frozen as blastocysts.)
  • All-Eggs + Genetic Testing Embryo Package  (Fresh cycle with all aspirated eggs for use by the intended parents, plus IVF and PGT-A).
  • Two Intended Father Euploid Embryo Guarantee Package  (Patients must pre-qualify. Ovation will have fulfilled its responsibility when each intended father has 1 euploid blastocyst or when a maximum of 24 eggs have been fertilized, whichever comes first.)

Other Ovation donor egg packages are available without genetic testing, including two frozen eggs packages and a blastocyst guarantee.

A Better Plan for Pregnancy

With Ovation’s PGT-A packages and Euploid Embryo Guarantee, prospective parents can rest assured they are obtaining chromosomally normal embryos from a cutting-edge IVF treatment provider. By adding PGT-A to your donor egg IVF cycle, you can reduce the risk of miscarriage or full-term abnormal pregnancy, and potentially minimize the time it takes to meet the baby of your dreams. Contact us for more information about our egg donor packages.

*Because individual circumstances and treatment results vary, results are not guaranteed.