Embryo Storage

State-of-the-Art Facilities to Store Embryos Indefinitely

During your experience with assisted reproductive technology (ART), you may want to take advantage of Ovation’s frozen embryo storage expertise. With Ovation Fertility Storage Solutions, your embryos will be stored in an environment that is continuously monitored to ensure both optimal conditions and outstanding security. Fertility Storage Solutions performs routine quality assurance and uses industry-leading back-up systems, with redundancies, to protect your embryos until you are ready to use them.

Who Needs Embryo Storage?

Most patients who undergo IVF will need embryo storage. Some couples need storage because they respond very well to ovarian stimulation and attain excellent fertilization, producing a large number of embryos. Other couples need storage while they are awaiting the results of their preimplantation genetic testing. Still others will use storage because their physicians prefer to transfer the embryos into a uterine environment that has been stimulated with lower doses of estrogen, rather than the very high levels that can sometimes result from ovarian stimulation.

Fortunately, many couples need to store their embryos because they conceive during their first IVF cycle, and they want to save their extra high-quality embryos so that they can continue to expand their families at a much lower cost in the future.

Ovation has a long history of proven success with a variety of cryopreservation techniques. The current gold standard in embryo freezing is vitrification, a technique that uses ultra-rapid cooling to minimize the damage to developing embryos and maximize their potential to develop into healthy babies. Our laboratories are pioneers in the use of vitrification and helped advance some of the protocols used throughout the world today.

How Does Embryo Storage Work?

Once embryos have been vitrified, they are stored in liquid nitrogen, which has a temperature of -196 degrees Celsius (-320 degrees Fahrenheit). This temperature essentially stops embryonic metabolism.

How Long Can You Store Embryos at Ovation Fertility Storage Solutions?

You can store your embryos indefinitely.

What Happens When You Are Ready to Transfer Frozen Embryos?

When it is time for your transfer, embryologists will thaw a selected embryo and assess it regularly during the thaw process to ensure that it has an optimal chance of survival. Once they confirm the embryo has survived the thaw and has started growing again, it will be cultured in the laboratory until it is time for your transfer.

Ovation is committed to helping patients achieve their dreams of parenthood, one healthy baby at a time. Contact us to learn more.