Female Infertility

Realize Your Motherhood Potential with Next-Generation Female Infertility Tests and Treatments

The generation that matters most to you is the next one. Ovation® Fertility was founded to ensure your family continues to grow, even when female infertility challenges stand in the way of your becoming a mother. As a nationwide network of world-class fertility scientists and partner physicians working as one, Ovation can deliver next-generation fertility solutions to you, today.

Ovation and our partner physicians investigate and effectively treat female infertility with a dogged determination and a comprehensive set of services. Our board-certified reproductive endocrinologists will walk you through every available option and will restore your hope for starting or growing your family.

Female Infertility: More Common than You Might Think

In the United States, one in eight couples has difficulty getting pregnant, and half the time, the female partner will require medical intervention. A female infertility diagnosis will become apparent after a pattern of unsuccessful pregnancy attempts over the course of a year (or six months for women older than 35.)

Female infertility generally stems from ovulatory or anatomical issues. You may have hereditary conditions beyond your control or may simply have a slightly advanced maternal age. Previous surgeries, an elevated body mass index or irregular periods can alert us and your physician to potential problems. The important first step in resolving female infertility is identifying the underlying cause.

Fortunately, Ovation partners with some of the most recognized and sought-after physicians in the world, who offer next-generation diagnostic and treatment tools found in only the most elite fertility centers in America. By partnering with Ovation’s scientists and partner physicians, you are giving yourself the best chance to meet your next generation.

Taking the Next Step

Conception can be achieved through today’s leading-edge technology with at least one good-quality egg and at least one healthy sperm. Ovation’s scientists have researched and perfected protocols that redefine what advanced reproductive technologies can accomplish. Examples of standard Ovation treatment options include:

  • Single embryo transfer to reduce the risk of twins and triplets
  • Preimplantation genetic testing (PGT-A and PGT-SR) to address recurrent miscarriages
  • Preimplantation genetic testing (PGT-M) to eliminate suspected inheritable genetic diseases
  • Fast-freeze vitrification (freezing) techniques that effectively preserve the reproductive potential of oocytes (eggs), embryos, sperm and tissue

Female infertility can make it difficult to conceive, but we refuse to let go of the possibility that every woman can have the family she dreams of. Contact Ovation today to learn how we can help you overcome your infertility challenges.