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Fertility Docs Uncensored Makes Information More Accessible and Fun

Ovation puts science first so that we can help patients become parents and make infertility a thing of the past. Education plays a huge role in making this possible, which is why we proudly support the Fertility Docs Uncensored podcast.

Carrie Bedient MD, Abby Eblen MD and Susan Hudson MD, all Ovation affiliate physicians, record and regularly release podcast episodes to bring fertility information to listeners in a way that’s fun and friendly.

This month, we’re speaking with Dr. Hudson to learn how Fertility Docs Uncensored got its start, what’s happening with it now and what the doctors hope to achieve with it going forward.

How did Fertility Docs Uncensored get started?

Fertility Docs Uncensored was born at the Ovation MD Summit in Cincinnati, Ohio, a few months before COVID hit. Our marketing company mentioned that a podcast could be a good promotional and educational tool. Carrie, Abby and I loved the idea and decided to run with it.

During Valentine’s Day weekend 2020, we met in Carrie’s hometown of Las Vegas to learn how to podcast and we taped our first few episodes. We had a great time, and we had no idea what the next two years were going to look like.

How did COVID affect Fertility Docs Uncensored?

None of us could have predicted that a pandemic would happen right around the time we started this podcast. However, the wonders of technology allowed us to continue recording in our respective cities and still put out a great episode every week.

The podcast really started to gain traction during this time, especially after we posted episodes about COVID and fertility. People were trapped at home and desperate for information, so the podcast actually came out at a good time to help meet this need.

What is your goal with Fertility Docs Uncensored?

When we created this podcast, our vision was to provide a friendly and fun place to talk about the sensitive and often-emotional subject of infertility. Very few podcasts included fertility doctors, and certainly none had three regularly appearing, so there was a real gap in the space.

We plan to continue raising awareness with this podcast and hopefully making topics surrounding infertility less taboo. So many people have trouble conceiving, and we want them to realize that they aren’t alone and that they have options to have a family.

What does your average podcast episode entail?

We usually record two podcasts at the same time, but we only release one each week. Each podcast focuses on a relevant or trending topic in the world of reproductive medicine and infertility. Sometimes, we also invite guests (both patients and professionals) to join us to talk about everything from oncofertility to wearable devices.

Answering listener questions also plays a role in each episode. We’ll answer one question from a listener at the beginning of each episode, and we completely devote some episodes to answering questions from our listeners.

Episodes also consist of Carrie, Abby and I just talking about our lives and backgrounds, which makes it feel more like a fun conversation than an intense medical lecture. I feel like you really get a sense of who we are as you listen to more podcasts.

What do you most enjoy about podcasting?

I’m still taken aback when my patients say they’ve been listening to my podcast. My patients get to know me on a different level before they meet with me, which I think is wonderful. I also love that we’re able to give people a good source of information.

Check out popular podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio and Stitcher, to listen to Fertility Docs Uncensored for yourself.

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