PGT-A+ and PGT-P

Advanced LifeView PGT-A+ and PGT-P

Through our innovative partnership with Genomic Prediction, Ovation is proud to offer LifeViewTM PGT-A+ and PGT-P. These cutting-edge genetic tests deploy an innovative, high-throughput SNP array-based platform that performs far better than traditional NGS.

  • Higher pregnancy rates: 62% vs. 50% with traditional NGS*
  • Reduced loss rate: 8% vs. 23% with traditional NGS*
  • Higher resolution: 1.6 million data points vs. 20,000 data points with traditional NGS
  • Improved accuracy: Combines copy number analysis and genotyping
  • No more mosaics: Higher accuracy enables actual euploid and aneuploid reporting; PGT-A+ provides origin of aneuploidy
  • Polyploidy and UPID identified: Both male and female polyploidy detection available

LifeView PGT-A+ and PGT-P are available to all fertility care providers who wish to offer the most advanced genetic testing options available for their IVF patients.

1: Weimer et al, 2021, Comparison of IVF Outcomes From Concurrent Use of 3 Different PGT-A Laboratories (

Polygenic Testing Reduces Disease Risk Later in Life

  • LifeView PGT-P is the only platform validated to predict an embryo’s lifetime risk for polygenic disorders (e.g., diabetes, certain cancers).
  • LifeView PGT-P generates an Embryo Health Score, used to compare overall disease risk among embryos.
  • Using LifeView PGT-P to select among healthy embryos has been validated to reduce incidence of polygenic disorders later in life, reducing disease incidence by up to 72% for some conditions.


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