Off-Site Lab Director Services

Off-Site Lab Director Services Customized to Meet Your Needs

Ovation® Fertility’s off-site laboratory director services infuse your lab with best practices developed through years of collaboration across Ovation’s nationwide network of IVF laboratories. Ideal for startup IVF labs as well as those needing interim lab direction or rapid performance improvement, Ovation off-site lab director services ensure that scientific innovation remains at the forefront of your IVF laboratory and clinical practice.  

An Ovation off-site IVF lab director can take responsibility for your ART lab’s overall operation, administration, technical and scientific oversight, ensuring that  your staff, equipment and facilities are strategically aligned to maximize clinical outcomes. Your lab director will also provide regulatory preparedness and compliance oversight to help ensure that your lab remains compliant and safe.

Off-site lab director services, customized to your needs

This contract position can be tailored to suit your lab’s needs, including:

  • On-site visits by the off-site scientific advisor, coordinated to facilitate interaction with outside vendors and third-party collaborators, if desired 
  • Annual visits by Ovation’s compliance manager
  • Developing rigorous quality management benchmarks for evaluation of embryology outcomes, such as fertilization and blastocyst development, and clinical outcomes, such as pregnancy rates and delivery rates
  • Analyzing quality control lab and practice clinical data to identify performance issues and acknowledge successful results
  • Planning and assisting with troubleshooting and corrective action
  • Coordinating initiatives to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of assisted reproductive technology (ART) protocols
  • Researching and introducing new technology and equipment 
  • Contributing to the professional growth and development of laboratory staff by keeping them updated on the science of ART and encouraging their professional skill set advancement
  • Mentorship for laboratory staff and assistance with research projects, as appropriate
  • Expertise on regulatory preparedness and inspections related to CAP, CLIA, FDA, SART, COLA
  • Augmenting physician and laboratory staff communication, promoting a culture of growth and inquisitiveness
  • Working with the clinical team, using laboratory data, to optimize decision making and treatment plans

Ovation’s off-site IVF lab director services conform to all American Board of Bioanalysis High-Complexity Clinical Lab Director (HCLD) and American Society for Reproductive Medicine requirements, as well as other relevant accreditation programs, regulations and guidelines.

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An experienced Ovation off-site lab director can manage and lead every aspect of your laboratory operation, improving efficiency, ensuring quality and generating extraordinary outcomes for your patients. To learn how Ovation’s off-site laboratory director services can make Ovation’s best practices your practices, contact us for details.