Staffing and Team Support

IVF Laboratory Staffing and Lab Design Support

In addition to our comprehensive off-site laboratory director program, Ovation offers access to an a la carte suite of services to support virtually any aspect of IVF laboratory operations. One high-demand area addresses the “people side” of the IVF lab, from laboratory staffing to ensuring that policies and procedures are in place to support your team and their contributions to lab performance and compliance.

Contract embryology and andrology support

Ideal for IVF laboratories that offer batch IVF cycles or need interim laboratory staffing, Ovation can provide highly trained, experienced scientists proficient in IVF laboratory techniques. Available on a per diem basis to fit your lab’s schedule, these skilled contract embryologists and andrologists may be either Ovation traveling scientists or part of our network of carefully vetted private contracting scientists.

Staffing startup IVF laboratories

Ovation can also advise a startup IVF laboratory operation about which personnel are needed to support the predicted demand for assisted reproductive technology (ART) services, as well as what education, training and experience are needed to ensure smooth laboratory operations from day one. 

Team member training and evaluation

Because ongoing training of all team members is critical to an IVF lab’s success, Ovation’s off-site lab directors can support your lab by ensuring that your scientific team has the appropriate skills and policies in place to ensure optimal outcomes for your physicians and patients. With Ovation’s help, you can put the necessary structure in place to:

  • Ensure appropriate training for your lab’s ART laboratory procedures 
  • Verify that your lab’s scientists can perform procedures reliably before they work on patient specimens
  • Create procedures to ensure that all team members get their required continuing education contact hours each year
  • Create written specifications for each employee’s responsibilities and duties
  • Document which procedures each person is authorized to perform, and whether supervision is required
  • Monitor employees’ continued competence to perform ART lab procedures
  • Ensure that additional training or continuing education is provided when needed to improve skills and incorporate new techniques
  • Perform and document performance evaluations for each employee at least once a year

Lab design support

To help other providers launch new IVF laboratories, Ovation can lend its expertise in lab design and best practices implementation. Ovation helps to build new IVF labs from the ground up, including facilities, equipment and staffing.

  • Design the laboratory facility for maximum efficiency, safety and compliance
  • Select state-of-the-art equipment for the new facility
  • Implement best practices and processes established over decades of research by Ovation’s nationwide team of renowned scientists and partner physicians
  • Staff the new lab with qualified scientists
  • Provide ongoing laboratory management and oversight if needed

To learn more about Ovation’s entire suite of off-site laboratory director services, including staffing and lab design support, contact us to schedule a consultation.