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Whether your organization is seeking to launch a new IVF laboratory or upgrade your existing lab operation, there are two critical keys to success: having the best team and implementing the best practices. Ovation’s off-site laboratory director services deliver both, infusing your lab with the expertise of Ovation’s nationwide collaborative scientific team to improve efficiency, ensure quality and create extraordinary outcomes for your patients.

Ovation’s off-site lab directors bring to your lab the collaborative capabilities of our extensive team of top lab directors, delivering a depth of expertise that can’t be attained with an independent off-site lab director. Your lab operations will benefit from adopting best practices developed through years of extensive collaboration among Ovation’s nationwide network of fertility scientists, comprised of the brightest minds in reproductive medicine.

Ovation off-site lab directors stay in continuous communication with your laboratory and clinical team, providing support and guidance whenever needed. Lab directors are always available, either remotely or on-site, to handle any extraordinary circumstances that may arise. In fact, Ovation offers one of the most generous schedules of on-site visits available through any off-site lab direction program.

Ovation’s renowned lab directors

  • Matthew “Tex” VerMilyea, PhD, HCLD/CC
  • Diane Wright, PhD, HCLD
  • Amy Jones, MS, ELD
  • Martha Aguirre, PhD, HCLD/CC
  • Melanie Freeman, PhD, HCLD/CC
  • Mitchel C. Schiewe, PhD, HCLD
  • Erica Behnke, PhD, HCLD
  • Glen Adaniya, PhD, HCLD, ELD

Off-site laboratory director responsibilities

Ovation’s deeply experienced off-site lab directors bring a much wider and deeper scope of responsibilities to your lab than a traditional off-site lab director. They oversee every aspect of our clients’ laboratory operations, from building and managing a highly qualified laboratory team to ensuring safety, quality and regulatory compliance and reporting outcomes.

Maintain compliance, accreditation and licensure

  • Secure and maintain laboratory accreditation and licensure
  • Monitor compliance with federal and state lab personnel requirements
  • Ensure appropriate and safe facilities, equipment and environmental conditions
  • Support scheduled and unannounced inspections by regulatory authorities
  • Update all necessary documentation to maintain inspection readiness

Implement best practices

  • Ensure that all ART lab procedures deliver quality patient care
  • Create systems to ensure accurate patient identification while protecting confidentiality
  • Implement a consistent quality management program and procedure manual
  • Implement a world-class blastocyst culture system for all embryos
  • Ensure maintenance of aseptic laboratory conditions
  • Monitor lab outcomes and operations and make recommendations for improvements and corrective actions

Lead laboratory operations

  • Provide frequent on-site visits with a consistent schedule
  • Be available to consult with the lab team by phone, video conference and email, seven days a week
  • Review purchasing and billing processes to minimize spending
  • Provide advice regarding risk management and informed consent
  • Consult with physicians and clinical teams regarding laboratory findings

Lead human resources efforts

  • Recruit, staff and train laboratory personnel
  • Define job responsibilities
  • Ensure lab team achieves continuing education requirements
  • Conduct annual employee performance and competency evaluations

Ovation’s experienced off-site lab directors can also help launch start-up IVF laboratories or upgrade existing facilities, helping to design and equip state-of-the-art laboratory spaces to support a seamless workflow. Our lab directors are happy to lend their expertise to collaborate on research initiatives and in educating medical students, residents and fellows on the intricate aspects of laboratory science.

Fully certified and compliant off-site lab direction

Ovation’s off-site lab director services conform to all American Board of Bioanalysis High-Complexity Clinical Lab Director (HCLD) and American Society for Reproductive Medicine requirements, as well as other relevant accreditation programs, regulations and guidelines.

  • The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment of 1988, particularly those aspects of the regulations relating to high-complexity testing
  • College of American Pathologists Reproductive Laboratory Accreditation Program (CAP) and The Joint Commission (TJC)
  • CDC Model Program for the Certification of Embryology Labs
  • SART Guidelines for Off-Site Laboratory Directors

To learn more about how Ovation’s off-site laboratory director services can make Ovation’s best practices your practices, contact us today.

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