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Department VIP – Meet Dana Hunt, Ovation Fertility Quality Specialist

Dana Hunt, Quality Specialist Dana Hunt’s work as the quality specialist for Ovation® Fertility is close to her heart. Why? In vitro fertilization allowed her and her husband to welcome a beautiful baby boy. Read on to learn more about this month’s Department VIP.

Dana Hunt, Quality Specialist

How Did You Get Into Your Line of Work?
I worked in oncology and hematology for 10 years before transitioning to a position as a laboratory supervisor at a hematology clinic run by the University of Tennessee.

After five years there, the lab shut down when the physician who ran it moved out of town. When this happened, I decided to branch out into a new area of medicine.

A recruiter showed me an opening for a quality specialist at Ovation. At the time, I was pregnant with my own IVF baby, so it seemed like the perfect fit. I hit it off with Cassie immediately at my interview and everything took off from there.

What’s an Average Day Like for You?
Lately, I’ve been working with Cassie to get all the Ovation labs’ policies and procedures reformatted to Ovation standards so that I can upload them into MediaLab. As part of this project, I’m learning the MediaLab system.

I’ve also got a project coming up to oversee the safety officers at each Ovation lab location. We’ll meet regularly to make sure everyone is up to speed on safety and compliance topics. For our first meeting, I’m planning to focus on HIPAA, specifically how to protect PHI.

What’s Your Favorite Part of Working for Ovation?
During my career, I’ve worked everywhere from an independent physician-owned clinic where everyone felt like family to a corporate setting where employees didn’t feel appreciated or listened to. I love that Ovation is a corporate environment that gives everyone a chance to voice their opinions and thoughts. Our opinions are well-received at Ovation, which isn’t the case at other corporations. I also love how friendly and supportive everyone is.

Additionally, I have a scientific mind, so I find it fascinating to learn about each lab’s procedures. It keeps my work interesting.

Why Is Ovation’s Work So Important?
I have a special connection to Ovation’s work. My husband had a vasectomy before we were married. He tried to get a vasectomy reversal so that we could have a child together, but it didn’t work. We went through the whole IVF process and had two frozen embryo transfers that ultimately helped us have our baby boy in July.

I feel such a personal connection to my work because I’ve been in the patient’s shoes before. For people like me and my husband who truly want to have a child, Ovation puts in the long hours and hard work to make our dreams come true.

What Do You Like To Do Outside of Work?
I spend a lot of time with my family. I also love watching my 10-year-old son play travel baseball and football. Being there when he hits a grand slam is the ultimate proud mom moment for me.


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