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Meet Amanda Nichols, Ovation Fertility Storage Solutions Billing Specialist

Amanda Nichols, Ovation Fertility Storage Solutions billing specialist, is a billing and finance pro. She enjoys helping people navigate the business side of their fertility treatment and putting their minds at ease. 

Amanda Nichols

How Did You Get Into Your Line of Work?
I had previous billing experience, knew of Ovation and knew people who worked here, and I thought it was really interesting. I kind of fell into it. Billing and finance is my thing, and I truly enjoy it. I got involved with Ovation when I was still in college and started out part-time. Then, when I graduated, I moved to full-time doing lab billing. Two years ago, I switched over and moved into the billing department with Ovation Fertility Storage Solutions.

What’s an Average Day Like for You?
I live in Austin, and we used to have a finance and billing office in Austin, but it closed in September last year, and I am now fully remote. I do everything that our patient service coordinators do, but on top of that, I have special responsibilities. I handle all of our insurance and collections accounts, so anything to do with insurance or collections comes to me. When patients call in and need help or are in collections, I work with them and help them out. Every day is a full day, as we stay busy.

What’s Your Favorite Part of Working for Ovation?
I really like feeling like my job has meaning. Every day, I am able to help somebody – genuinely, really help them, to the point where they just feel so much better. I am really good with dealing with concerned patients; I’m good at calming people down. Working for Ovation brings purpose to my work.

Why Is Ovation’s Work So Important?
We are keeping their reproductive material, and that is their baby. Sometimes, they are stored for years at a time. For them, this is very, very important, and they need to know we are keeping them safe. They are trusting us with this. We have people call every day because they just want to check on them. It’s really important to give them the reassurance that they can trust us. So when they call us, we make sure to do everything possible so they can have that peace of mind. 

What Do You Like To Do Outside of Work?
I have one son, and he is three years old, with my second son on the way. I like to take him around and do fun things with him. My family has a boat on Lake Travis, and we spend a lot of time in the summer out on the boat. We are very outdoorsy. The whole family loves hiking, exploring the lake, and going to different parks. Luckily, here in Texas, our weather is warm and gives us plenty of opportunities to do the things we love.

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