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Connect to Purpose – Ovation Baton Rouge’s Commitment to Science and Our Patients

Baton Rouge Lab Director, Dr. Leisinger Ovation® Fertility exists to help women and men overcome the complex causes of infertility and have the families they’ve always dreamed of. To make this possible, our lab teams have a commitment to science and to our patients, which the crew in Baton Rouge shows us this month.

Baton Rouge Lab Director, Dr. Leisinger

On the science side of things, Baton Rouge had a wonderful start to 2022. In January, the lab reported a 91% clinical pregnancy rate for frozen embryo transfers in patients under 35 years old.

According to Baton Rouge Lab Director Chelsey Leisinger, PhD, HCLD, “We are very proud to share these FET success rates for January. Every member of our team works hard every day to use the latest science and techniques to help our patients put infertility behind them and start or grow their families.”

The amazing news out of Baton Rouge doesn’t stop there. Andrologist Danya Toups recently went out of her way to use her expertise to help a couple who has been on a long infertility journey.
Danya loves that her position with Ovation allows her to embrace her passion for lab work and form meaningful connections with patients, including one special couple who has been through so much on their path to parenthood.

They’ve had several IUIs, and they are now on their third egg retrieval. Danya Toups feels invested in this couple’s success, so she recently came in on a Sunday to do the andrology prep for the couple’s retrieval. She hopes to soon hear good news from these patients.

“Danya wasn’t even scheduled to work that day, but she has so much knowledge of sperm prep and wanted to use her expertise to help these patients achieve the best possible outcome,” Dr. Leisinger explains. “This story is just one of the many examples of our team’s commitment to our patients and their family-building dreams.”

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