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Partner physician, Dr. Kaylen Silverberg discusses preimplantation genetic testing and getting pregnant faster on Fox News New York

Dr. Kaylen Silverberg, an Ovation Fertility physician is using preimplantation genetic testing to better assess the likelihood that any given embryo will implant and grow into a healthy baby . “We’re looking at the genes in a way that allows us to select the healthiest embryo out of a group for transfer to the uterus. While this doesn’t guarantee a live birth, it does increase the likelihood far beyond what we’ve had in the past. With this method, we can do a much better job of “getting it right the first time”. Whereas before we had national success rates of 30-40% per embryo transfer, now we are able to reach rates as high as 70-80% per embryo transfer.”

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Preimplantation Genetic Testing is a new scientific methodology that allows selection of an embryo that has the highest degree of becoming a baby. This technology not only increases IVF live birth rates far beyond what is currently experienced by couples, it also reduces the risk of miscarriage and allows for the transfer of a single embryo – therefore essentially eliminating multiple pregnancy. These factors bring the cost of IVF down significantly for patients (due to the need for potentially only a single IVF cycle), as well as for insurers and society (due to the elimination of the down stream costs associated with multiple pregnancy).

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