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Ovation Fertility™ Partner Physician Performed Gynecologic Surgeries in Africa

Ovation Fertility partner physician, Glenn Weitzman, MD, traveled to Malawi to provide life-changing gynecologic surgeries

OVA - Photo for eNews Story about Malawi VisitOvation Fertility partner physicians are known for changing the lives of their patients in the United States. However, patients from all around the world can benefit from the expertise and compassionate care of an Ovation Fertility partner physician.

Recently, Dr. Weitzman and Nurse Jenni Whitefield, traveled to Africa with a team of volunteers from the Sara Walker Foundation to change lives by providing medical care and gynecologic surgeries in Malawi.

Dr. Weitzman and Nurse Whitefield went to Malawi with the Sara Walker Foundation to provide medical treatment and gynecologic surgery

Nurse Whitefield works with Dr. Weitzman, and she also helped start the Sara Walker Foundation in 2012 after her friend passed away from colon cancer at the age of 35. Since then, the Sara Walker Foundation has sent volunteers to Africa every June to provide life-changing and life-saving treatments and surgeries.

The Sara Walker Foundation also operates a mobile medical unit that travels to outlying villages. The unit operates throughout the year to diagnose and treat village residents, as well as find candidates for surgical procedures for the yearly surgical trip. These surgical trips are vital to the health of Malawi’s people, as there are only 15 surgeons to serve the entire country of 16 million people.

During this year’s surgical trip, Dr. Weitzman and a team of volunteers traveled to Malawi to provide village clinics and gynecologic surgeries at Blessing Hospital. From May 30 to June 12, Dr. Weitzman performed myomectomies and hysterectomies on women who had been suffering from bleeding and pain for many years.

Dr. Weitzman also participated in a mobile clinic in the village of Chadza and delivered a baby who was in distress. After being stuck in the birth canal for quite some time, the baby boy was delivered unresponsive. However, thanks to the efforts of the team, the baby and his mother survived.

Helping the people of Malawi inspires Dr. Weitzman and Nurse Whitefield

According to Nurse Whitefield, “It is a wonderfully fulfilling and rewarding experience to be able to meet and help the precious Malawian people.” Nurse Whitefield enjoys the experience so much that she has gone on the surgical trip every June for the last five years.

This was Dr. Weitzman’s first year to participate in the trip, and he said, “Being able to provide the medical care and gynecologic surgery that the women of Malawi so desperately need is so rewarding. As an Ovation Fertility partner physician, I know that I’m making a difference in the lives of my patients, and I’m proud that I could utilize my skills and experience to help the women of Malawi.”

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