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Ovation Star – Danya Toups, Andrologist, Ovation Fertility Baton Rouge

Danya Toups, Andrologist, Baton Rouge Danya Toups joined Ovation® Fertility Baton Rouge as an andrologist with experience working in a microbiology lab for a hospital in Houston. She loves being able to meet the patients who she helps on their path to parenthood.

What were you doing before you started working as an Ovation andrologist?
Before I moved to Louisiana, I worked in a microbiology lab for a Houston hospital. I would prepare and read cultures before communicating the results to doctors and nurses. I liked working there, but I wanted to move back to Louisiana to be closer to family.

For a few years after I moved back, I worked as a teacher at my children’s school. Once I was ready to get back into the lab, my sister, who also works for Ovation Baton Rouge, let me know about a job opening. It seemed perfect, so I applied, and here I am.

What appealed to you about working in a fertility laboratory?
I just think that helping create a life is incredible. It’s just amazing that it’s even possible, and that I can play a part in helping to make it happen. I find it so miraculous, and it’s really rewarding.

What’s an average day like for you?
As soon as I walk in the door, I start getting ready for the day and doing QC. My first patient usually arrives about 30 minutes later. Throughout the day, I meet each patient as they arrive to collect their samples. It’s great, because unlike in the microbiology lab, I get to meet all the patients. It’s rewarding to get to know them and see their progress on their journey to have a baby.

Once I get the samples from the patients, I analyze and process them, and then write and load the reports. I just find it so interesting to look at living things under a microscope, especially when I know it’s part of helping someone have a baby.

What’s your favorite part of working for Ovation?
My team is definitely the best part of working for Ovation. I have a wonderful boss who is a great communicator, and everyone I work with is really good at what they do and knows their specialty so well. As a team, we have fun and learn from each other, so it’s a great environment.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I have four kids who are very into wrestling, so I go to lots of wrestling meets. I also really like being outside, so you can find me visiting parks and taking hikes. Spending time with family is another one of my favorite things. We like watching football together and going out to restaurants to enjoy good food.

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