Online Bill Payment for Ovation Laboratory Services

By clicking the link below, you will be sent to a third-party website, where you can safely and securely make online payments for Ovation laboratory services. For payment of cryopreservation and annual storage fees, please scroll down to find the payment instructions for Embryo Options.

For laboratory services payment, select the location of your lab, enter your payment details (including account number in the reference line), and submit. You must add an accurate account number to correctly link your payment to your account. You will receive an email copy of your receipt.

Be sure to double-check your patient account and invoice number to ensure accurate payment.

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Online Bill Payment for Cryopreservation or Annual Storage Fees

If you need to pay for cryopreservation of embryos, eggs and/or sperm, and/or monthly storage fees for Fertility Storage Solutions, an Ovation® company, please pay online through the Embryo Options portal.

If you are not currently enrolled with Embryo Options or need assistance logging into the Embryo Options portal, contact [email protected].