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Industry Leader Recently Implements Next-Generation Sequencing, a Technology Used by Upstart Ovation Fertility™ Exclusively for a Year and Half

A large genetics testing company in the fertility market recently announced that it will begin utilizing Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), the latest technology for Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS), on all samples it tests. After this unexpected announcement, Ovation Fertility wanted to reassure its stakeholders that it has exclusively utilized NGS since July 2016.

Ovation Fertility upgraded all of its genetic screening technology to NGS more than a year and a half ago because NGS is the most advanced technology available to identify genetic abnormalities in embryos. According to Chief Executive Officer Nate Snyder, “Ovation Fertility invested in next-generation sequencing from the start because we are committed to providing our referring clinics and their patients access to the best fertility care available.”

The decision to adopt NGS was a collaborative one. “We designed our PGS program from the ground up, with input from physicians, embryologists and geneticists who demanded a genetic screening platform most capable of delivering cutting-edge results,” Snyder added. “And the data show the results have been amazing. According to a recently published CDC report, clinics reporting four of the top ten highest embryo implantation rates currently refer to Ovation Fertility IVF and genetics labs,” he said.

Ovation Fertility’s vertically integrated embryology and genetic testing facilities enable embryologists and geneticists to pool data and advance best practices, which they share with all referring clinics to advance the field of reproductive medicine.

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