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Ovation Fertility™ Attends AAB Conference/CRB Symposium

Ovation Fertility™ Delivers Freeze-all IVF Address and 2 of 8 Talks Considered for Research Awards at AAB Conference/CRB Symposium

Bruce Shapiro, MD, PhD, of Ovation Fertility Las Vegas opens conference with freeze-all IVF session, Mitchel Schiewe, PhD, and Shane Zozula, BS, of Ovation Fertility Newport Beach present research
Los Angeles, Calif. – May 13, 2016 – Leaders in reproductive medicine will hear about the latest research on freezing embryos for IVF from Ovation Fertility. The growing network of Ovation Fertility physician practices and IVF labs work together to make advanced reproductive technology (ART) options more effective, more affordable and more accessible.

The annual meeting and educational conference of the American Association of Bioanalysts, AAB, and the College of Reproductive Biology, CRB, takes place May 12-14 in Las Vegas. Ovation Fertility partner physicians and IVF lab directors present topics that align with the goal for presenters—“to build the best ART program possible.”

Dr. Bruce Shapiro, founder of the Fertility Center of Las Vegas, an Ovation Fertility partner practice, will present at the CRB symposium. The renowned Las Vegas fertility specialist will deliver two presentations, “Has the Time Come for a Freeze-All Strategy in ART?” and “Convincing Patients an eSET Strategy is Good for Them.”

Ovation Fertility Newport Beach and Ovation Fertility Nashville join forces

Additionally, Lab Director Dr. Mitchel Schiewe and Technical Supervisor Shane Zozula of the Ovation Fertility Newport Beach will present two abstracts on research performed in conjunction with Ovation Fertility Nashville and the University of California, Berkley.

“Effect of Accidental Warming Intervals on the Survival of Vitrified Human Blastocysts” examines the viability of vitrified blastocysts, or frozen embryos, to hypothetical brief exposures to room temperature. The study confirms how the insulating effects of a closed vitrification system, like microSecure (developed by Dr. Schiewe), can serve to protect embryo viability under sub-optimal handling conditions.
“Human Blastocyst Toxicity Potential of Different Vitrification Solutions: Experiment II” examines how extended exposure to different vitrification solutions impacts blastocysts. The study showed that embryos are tolerant of more concentrated stable solutions and has better defined a safe window of exposure.

According to Dr. Bruce Shapiro, “We are proud of the collaborative efforts among Ovation Fertility labs and partner practices. The greatest advances in reproductive medicine result from the collective knowledge and experience of fertility professionals. The Ovation Fertility research presented in Las Vegas will benefit all patients who are considering IVF to build their families.”



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