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Ovation Fertility Deploys Matcher Across Its Nationwide Network of IVF and Genetics Labs

Los Angeles, Jul 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ovation® Fertility has partnered with IMT Matcher and NextGen LifeLabs to roll out the Matcher e-witnessing system across its nationwide network of IVF and genetics laboratories in 2021, generating data the company can use to analyze every aspect of lab operations and precisely target its continuous improvement initiatives.

Matcher is a barcode-based electronic witnessing, labeling, scheduling and traceability system, created for IVF centers and donor banks to help prevent errors caused by misidentification of patients and their gametes and embryos. Matcher creates an electronic record of “who, what, where and when” at every step of the IVF, preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) and cryopreservation processes in the lab. In addition to a comprehensive bar-coded labeling system, the system includes workflow scheduling, lot tracking, end-to-end photographic evidence, and reporting features that will help drive improvement initiatives in every Ovation laboratory.

“Matcher adds to Ovation’s already existing stringent protocols for lab safety and will serve as a second set of eyes to witness critical steps of the IVF process,” says Matthew “Tex” VerMilyea, Ovation’s vice president of scientific advancement. “This will save time for our lab teams, as the current gold standard requires two employees to be present to document sample identity as eggs, sperm and embryos move through lab procedures. The data that Matcher provides will also help us pinpoint process bottlenecks, standardize best practices, and estimate staffing and scheduling needs based on each lab’s real-time demand for services and unique mix of cycles and procedures.”

Ovation is performing a phased rollout of this new automated e-witnessing system across all 10 of its IVF laboratories, as well as its genetics and andrology labs, reducing risk while creating a wealth of data for use in performance and process improvement. Matcher will also enhance the patient experience with the introduction of patient photo ID cards and electronic passes, individual barcodes, and photographic patient reports.

“We expect these additions to provide greater peace of mind for patients, as they can feel confident that their gametes and embryos are carefully tracked and protected while in Ovation’s care,” VerMilyea says.

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Learn more about IMT Matcher at www.imtinternational.com.

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