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Ovation Fertility Licenses Genomic Prediction’s LifeView PGT Platform

Nashville, TN October 21, 2022 — Ovation® Fertility has announced a new partnership with Genomic Prediction that will enhance and expand the genetic testing options available to hopeful parents. By licensing the company’s LifeViewTM PGT platform for use in Ovation Genetics labs, Ovation will be able to offer physicians and patients the most comprehensive preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) available to aid in the selection of optimal-quality embryos for transfer as part of IVF.

“At Ovation, our purpose is to bring the joy of parenthood through innovative science,” says Ovation Chief Executive Officer Paul Kappelman. “Every day, we strive to advance the state of the art in the science of IVF. This partnership with Genomic Prediction will ensure that our genetic testing capabilities stay a step ahead of the curve, helping us provide the best possible outcomes for people who come to us for help growing their families.”

Ovation Genetics helps create successful pregnancies by testing embryos for conditions that could lead to pregnancy loss, chromosomal disorders or genetic disease. PGT includes a range of genetic tests that optimize the selection of embryos for transfer, providing patients with the best chance of a healthy baby.

With five LifeView PGT options, Ovation will enhance and expand its PGT capabilities to provide even better outcomes for physicians and patients.

PGT-A (PGT for aneuploidy) is a comprehensive test for abnormal chromosome composition in an embryo. Studies comparing LifeView PGT to conventional NGS methods have demonstrated significantly improved clinical outcomes for IVF patients, including higher ongoing pregnancy rates and lower miscarriage rates. By combining copy number and genotyping data, LifeView provides the most accurate, highest-resolution prediction of chromosomal abnormalities available. Fewer false positives means more truly euploid embryos available for transfer.

PGT-A+ (Aneuploidy screening with origin of aneuploidy detection) provides additional information on the origin of aneuploidy (sperm or egg) and can more accurately detect mosaicism.

PGT-SR (PGT for structural rearrangements) identifies known structural rearrangements in embryos that are carried by the patient (i.e. translocations, inversions). In addition to detecting abnormal or unbalanced embryos, this test can also identify embryos that are carriers, allowing parents to feel confident that the embryo chosen for transfer is free from the rearrangement.

PGT-M (PGT for monogenic disorders) is intended for couples who have an increased risk of having a child with a specific genetic condition. The test identifies the embryos that are affected carriers and unaffected, allowing the couple to select an embryo for transfer that is free of the condition.

PGT-P (PGT for polygenic conditions) gives patients the option to receive Embryo Health Scores, which rank euploid embryos to reduce the risk of several polygenic disorders later in life. These tests have been validated to reduce the risk of diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

“People who need IVF to have a baby have a lot invested in the process, both financially and emotionally,” said Kaylen Silverberg, MD, medical director of Texas Fertility Center and an Ovation board member. “This is why we are really excited to expand the range of preimplantation genetic testing options that we can offer. The more we can learn about an embryo prior to transfer, the more our patients can feel confident that they will have the best possible chance of success.”

Ovation Fertility is pleased to partner with Genomic Prediction to expand the availability of the LifeView platform to Ovation’s genetic testing clients.


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About Genomic Prediction

Genomic Prediction is redefining human embryo genetic testing. Backed by rigorous validation and a unique multidisciplinary approach, unlike any other PGT method available today, the company’s ultra-high-resolution LifeView tests provide the power to reduce false positives and false negatives, resulting in improved clinical outcomes for IVF patients. Learn more about Genomic Prediction’s LifeView PGT testing at www.lifeview.com.

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