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Ovation Fertility Partners with University of Pennsylvania’s Fertility Clinic

Ovation Fertility has announced a new collaboration with Penn Fertility Care and the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania.

In its first collaboration with a university-based fertility clinic and IVF laboratory, Ovation’s national network of reproductive endocrinologists and scientific thought leaders will work alongside Penn’s physicians and scientists to improve patient outcomes and increase operational efficiencies.

“We have tremendous respect for the Penn Fertility Care physicians as well as the laboratory personnel,” says Nate Snyder, chief executive officer of Ovation Fertility.

“This collaboration has the added benefit of leveraging our respective research expertise to produce groundbreaking clinical innovations. We are thrilled the University of Pennsylvania has provided us with the opportunity to collaborate, and we believe this relationship will serve as an excellent model for Ovation’s future opportunities to work with premier university-based programs.”The collaboration gives Penn Fertility Care access to the extensive research and clinical expertise that has led to Ovation’s industry-leading IVF success rates.

Established in 1965, Penn’s Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility is a high-volume program, with more than 1,600 new patients per year and more than 750 IVF retrievals. The division has a long tradition of innovative approaches to infertility treatment, and has been recognized for its pioneering work in microsurgical techniques, laparoscopic surgery, reproductive research and IVF. Penn Fertility Care has three practice sites.

About Ovation Fertility

Ovation Fertility is a national network of reproductive endocrinologists and scientific thought leaders focused on reducing the cost of live birth through more efficient and effective fertility care. Ovation Fertility’s IVF and genetics laboratories and affiliated practices work collaboratively to raise the bar with state-of-the-art, evidence-based fertility services that give hopeful parents the best chance of a successful pregnancy. Physicians partner with Ovation Fertility to offer their patients advanced preimplantation genetic testing. Ovation Fertility also provides donor eggs that come with the world’s first Euploid Embryo Guarantee®, as well as secure frozen egg, embryo and sperm storage; consultative services to help IVF laboratories improve quality and performance; and fertility preservation programs that enable more women to freeze their eggs and build future families. Learn more about Ovation Fertility’s vision of a world without infertility at www.OvationFertility.com.

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