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Six Ovation Research Abstracts Accepted for Presentation at ASRM 2022

Nashville, TN (October 25, 2022)– Ovation® Fertility teams are presenting six poster presentations at the 2022 ASRM Scientific Congress & Expo, which takes place in Anaheim, California, October 22-26, 2022. Additionally, several Ovation scientists are leading courses, workshops and roundtable discussions at the annual event, where top experts in reproductive medicine discuss the latest in reproductive care.

“One of the most powerful contributors to Ovation’s success is our collaborative approach to research,” says Matthew “Tex” VerMilyea, PhD, HCLD/CC, Ovation’s vice president of scientific advancement. “Our scientific teams pursue their passion for research not only in collaboration with their peers across the Ovation network of IVF and genetics labs but also in partnership with Ovation partner physicians and innovators serving the fertility care community. This year that includes the founders of an AI fertility company on the other side of the globe. These research partnerships highlight the importance of teamwork and innovation as we work to achieve our purpose of bringing the joy of parenthood through innovative science.”

This year’s Ovation-supported poster presentations cover a diverse range of topics, from the use of artificial intelligence in embryo evaluation to the effect of delayed egg maturation on embryo development.

• P-4: A Non-Invasive Artificial Intelligence (AI) Algorithm Can Predict Competence of Denuded Oocytes from Images Taken Prior to Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
Tuc Van Nguyen, Jonathan MM Hall, Sonya M Diakiw, Matthew VerMilyea, Andrew Dinsmore, Don Perugini, Michelle Perugini

• P-5: Combined Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Algorithms for Evaluating Embryo Viability and Embryo Genetics Improves Selection of Embryos Leading to Clinical Pregnancy
Sonya Diakiw, Jonathan Hall, Matthew VerMilyea, Tuc Van Nguyen, Don Perugini, Andrea Storr, Michelle Perugini

• P-8: Prediction of Live Birth Using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Algorithm Developed to Evaluate Embryo Genetic Status From Day 5 Images
Jonathan Hall, Sonya Diakiw, Matthew VerMilyea, Tuc Van Nguyen, Don Perugini, Michelle Perugini

• P-54: Comparison of Implantation and Ploidy Rates of Day 5 and Day 6 Biopsied Embryos
Tricia Adams, Mariah L Markle, Chelsey Leisinger

• P-68: The Effect of Delayed Maturation in Oocytes After Retrieval on Embryo Potential and Ploidy Status
Jennifer Matucha, Bradford Bopp, Matthew Will, Erica Anspach Will, Kate O’Leary, Glen Adaniya

• P-137 Effective Universal Warming-Dilution of Blastocysts Vitrified on an Open Device System
Mitch Schiewe, Jose Vaca, Paul Toledo, James Stachecki, Richard Marrs

Ovation research presented at ASRM 2022 will be available at www.OvationFertility.com/Research.

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