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Wall Street Journal: IVF Often Doesn’t Work. Could an Algorithm Help?

IVF has helped countless people around the world fulfill their family planning goals.

Matthew VerMilyea, PHD Ovation Fertility and Michelle Perugini, co-founder and CEO of Life Whisperer

While the science of IVF is well-established, new technologies and protocols are continuously being developed that could help even more families’ dreams come true.

Ovation® Fertility is among the first IVF service providers in the country to integrate artificial intelligence into the IVF process in an effort to improve success rates. Ovation Fertility Austin’s Operations and Laboratory Director Matthew “Tex” VerMilyea, PhD, HCLD, led the groundbreaking, international AI research effort, in conjunction with Australia-based Life Whisperer. In a new Wall Street Journal article, Dr. VerMilyea shares his thoughts on the impact of AI on IVF success rates.

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