Alternative Blastocyst Vitrification Warming-Dilution Approaches: Do Virtues of the KISS Principle Apply?

Presented at: Newport Beach, California; Linden, New Jersey

Authors: M.C. Schwiewe; T. Ocho; C. Zeffiro; S. Zozula; J.J. Stachecki

Objective:This study aimed to validate effective protocols that can ease concerns regarding the warming of vitrified blastocysts sent to outside laboratories, when alternatives to their typical commercial products are needed.

Published: ASRM 2020, Poster Presentation

Why This Research Helps Patients:

This study proves that non-permeating, sugar-based dilution solutions can be effectively used to elute concentrated cryoprotective agents from blastomeres, independent of fresh or frozen-thawed sources. A natural product – honey – is an efficient, low-cost, readily available option for any lab to safely extract potentially toxic cryoprotectants from cells. The study also validates that thaw solutions stored in cryovials can be frozen in LN2 and maintain functionality, allowing for transcontinental shipment of vitrified material and thaw solutions in the same LN2 dry-shipper.