Evidence for Superior Blastocyst Cohort Ranking Using Artificial Intelligence Based on Retrospective Clinical Pregnancy Results

Presented at: Austin, Texas; San Antonio, Texas; Adelaide, Australia; Henderson, Nevada; Los Angeles, California

Authors: M.D. VerMilyea , M. A. Dakka , J. Hall , S. M. Diakiw , T. Nguyen , D. Perugini, K. Silverberg, M Perugini

Objective: This study aimed to establish evidence for superior ranking of blastocysts using artificial intelligence (AI) that assesses viability based on Day 5 embryo images.

Published: ASRM 2020, Poster Presentation

Why This Research Helps Patients:

An AI model trained on clinical pregnancy data showed superior ranking ability and a shorter time to pregnancy, compared with embryologists’ ranking (random chance), for simulated cohorts of transferred embryos. In the United States, with 300,000 annual IVF cycles, AI could achieve total patient savings of $360 million. Globally, with more than 2.5 million cycles, AI could achieve global patient savings of $3 billion.