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South Austin Andrology Lab Passes CAP Inspection With Flying Colors

Ovation laboratories are famous for putting science first. However, that’s not their only claim to fame. Everyone from our laboratory directors to our embryologists works hard to keep our labs organized and running smoothly to offer high-quality support to fertility patients from around the United States and the world. If anyone needed further proof of this, the results of a recent CAP inspection confirmed it in our andrology laboratory in South Austin.

CAP, also known as the College of American Pathologists, is the organization that’s responsible for inspecting a laboratory’s operations and management. When inspectors came through our South Austin andrology lab, our team was confident that they would receive high marks, but even they were surprised by the amazing review from CAP.

According to Matthew “Tex” VerMilyea, PhD, HCLD/CC, “Our CAP inspection in South Austin was completed in 90 minutes when the process usually takes five to eight hours. The inspectors were ‘overly impressed and shocked by the organization, attention to detail and quality presented.’”

During this inspection, there were zero deficiencies issued for the lab. Tex believes that the speed of inspection and the stellar results are “a true indicator of how a shift in quality and protocol implementation can really pay off and take the stress out of these inspections.”

He also credits several members of the Ovation team with helping to make this CAP inspection a success. Kudos to Director of Risk Management Cassie Miller, IVF/Andrology Laboratory Manager Kristin Sieren and our entire South Austin lab team. “The inspectors verbally applauded our team for being top-notch, professional and others should follow our example of preparedness and dedication to safety and compliance,” Tex says.

For other Ovation laboratories hoping to receive a glowing report from CAP, Tex offers five helpful tips:

  1. Be sure to use the correct CAP checklists and review them thoroughly, especially the “Evidence of Compliance” section.
  2. Revisit any past CAP deficiencies and be able to explain how you’ve corrected them and continue to maintain those corrections over time.
  3. Get organized before the inspection by making sure all your procedure, validation and implementation manuals are easily retrievable. You’ll also want to check your reagent, maintenance and communications logs.
  4. Prepare your staff before the big day by letting all members of your team know what to expect from the CAP inspection and clearly explain their role in it.
  5. Try to stay calm even if you feel a little nervous about the inspection. Greet the inspectors with a smile, exude confidence and answer all the inspectors’ questions.

Following these simple steps can go a long way in helping you be the next CAP inspection success story for Ovation.

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