Karen Synesiou

Karen Synesiou

Karen Synesiou, Director of Third-Party Reproduction, Connects Hopeful Parents with Surrogates and Egg Donors

Since 1991, Karen Synesiou has built a career on making people’s dreams of parenthood come true by matching hopeful parents with surrogates. Karen became part of the Ovation team in May 2019 with the acquisition of her Los Angeles-based Center for Surrogate Parenting, where she served as chief executive officer and owner and still leads the company as director. A well-known leader in international and American surrogacy, Karen has been frequently quoted in the national and worldwide press, and has appeared on many television and news programs.

Karen was born in England and lived most of her life in South Africa, where she attended school and earned a bachelor’s degree in commerce. Seeking a law career where she could make a difference,  Karen returned to England and enrolled in law school, where she studied both contract and family law and intellectual property rights.

After graduation, Karen moved to the United States in 1990 and she met the founder of the Center for Surrogate Parenting – now the longest-operating surrogacy agency in the United States. She joined the company as a program administrator, found that she loved working with both intended parents and surrogates, and in 1994, invested in the company and became a co-owner and director.

A respected voice in American surrogacy

To date, more than 2,600 babies have been born to CSP’s surrogacy agency in the United States, and Karen was honored to help write the surrogacy law in California that most other states have now adopted.

Karen’s international background and her English law degree have been quite useful, as many of CSP’s clients travel for American surrogacy from countries around the world. Her many years of business management are beneficial in running CSP and evident in creating and maintaining strong, successful relationships with CSP’s clients, from the first meetings with surrogates through the birth and creation of their families.

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