Andrology Services

Andrology Services to Diagnose and Treat Male Factor Infertility

Ovation’s nationwide network of andrology labs provide comprehensive andrology services to help your fertility specialist diagnose and treat male factor infertility.

Semen analysis

Many people are surprised to learn that about half of all infertility cases are caused by a male factor, which means there are issues with the number, shape or movement of sperm. One of the first steps in fertility treatment is diagnostic testing to determine what factors may be contributing to an inability to conceive. For this reason, semen analysis is typically one of the first tests your fertility specialist may order.

When your physician orders a semen analysis, the male partner provides a sample of ejaculate to the Ovation andrology lab. Then, our expert andrologists evaluate the volume of a semen sample, as well as the sperm concentration (number of sperm in each milliliter of semen), motility (percent of sperm with forward movement) and morphology (percent of sperm with a normal shape).

Your provider will receive a detailed report explaining the results, which can help him or her develop a treatment plan that best fits your situation.

Ovation also offers semen analysis to any man who wants to understand his baseline level of fertility. Contact us to locate an Ovation andrology lab near you.

Sperm washing

Ovation’s andrologists support fertility specialists by providing sperm washing prior to IUI, IVF and sperm freezing. Using a special process, the andrology lab can isolate the sperm that have the best chance of achieving a successful pregnancy, so only the healthiest sperm are used in the procedure.

To “wash” sperm, the andrologist places the semen sample inside a test tube, then in a centrifuge to separate the sperm from the seminal fluid. After the fluid is removed, the andrologist adds special media to isolate the healthiest, most active sperm for use in your IVF or IUI procedure.

Sperm cryopreservation

Many men choose to freeze their sperm prior to cancer treatment, deployment or hormone therapy. Freezing sperm is also often used during IUI and IVF cycles, as it can ensure that sperm are ready for use when needed during treatment. This is especially true for men whose semen analysis has revealed a low viable sperm count, or male factor infertility.

All Ovation andrology labs are outfitted with state-of-the-art vitrification equipment and cryopreservation tanks for freezing and storing sperm samples. For long-term storage of cryopreserved sperm, Ovation also offers affordable off-site storage by Ovation Fertility Storage Solutions.

Getting Started with Ovation Andrology Services

If you need andrology services as part of your diagnostic fertility workup or to treat male factor infertility, your fertility specialist will provide detailed instructions for how and when to provide a semen sample to your local Ovation andrology lab.

To find an Ovation andrology lab near you, view our network labs.