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Make Best Practices Your Practices with Ovation Lab Support Services

As a nationwide IVF lab services company, Ovation’s first priority is helping physicians achieve their goal of helping patients become parents. We achieve this through continuous research and implementation of best practices, creating outstanding success rates across our nationwide network of IVF labs. By offering IVF lab support services to non-Ovation labs, including off-site laboratory director services, we raise the bar for IVF services everywhere, and help more people get the effective fertility treatment they need.

Ovation’s lab support services can be customized to meet the specific needs of physicians and their IVF laboratories. Whether your IVF lab needs an off-site lab director on a short- or long-term basis, or you just want assistance with implementing sound policies and procedures for staffing, compliance or risk management, Ovation can help.

Off-site laboratory director services

Whether your IVF lab is going through a transition phase or is just getting off the ground, the expertise of an Ovation off-site laboratory director can help your lab achieve its greatest potential. Led by Ovation Vice President of Scientific Advancement Matthew “Tex” VerMilyea, PhD, HCLD/CC, Ovation’s off-site lab director program helps your lab stay compliant with relevant regulations, keep employees and patients safe, and ensure that all aspects of your operation – from scientific work to administrative functions – are efficient and effective. 

Customizable to meet your needs, Ovation’s off-site IVF lab director program brings the capabilities and best practices to effectively oversee your ART lab’s overall operations – from administrative functions to technical and scientific operations – ensuring that your staff, equipment and facilities are strategically aligned to maximize clinical outcomes. 

Learn more about Ovation off-site lab director services.

Staffing and lab design support

The key to an IVF’s lab success is recruiting and retaining highly specialized, intensively trained embryologists and andrologists. Because this specialized scientific talent can be difficult to find and costly to replace, Ovation offers several staffing and team support services to help ensure your IVF lab is adequately staffed with personnel who have the skills needed to maximize patient outcomes.

  • Contract embryology and andrology support for batch cycles or interim staffing
  • Consultative services to help new IVF laboratories staff and train appropriately to meet predicted demand for services
  • Team member training and evaluation to ensure your team has the skills, motivation and contentment to excel in their careers with your organization
  • Lab design for new facilities, including selection of state-of-the-art equipment, establishment of best practices and processes

Learn more about Ovation staffing and design support for IVF labs.

Compliance and risk management

All IVF labs must comply with specific regulations to begin operating and continue to serve patients and physicians. Ongoing IVF lab inspections, and the associated documentation and improvement efforts, can become a source of stress for lab directors and their teams. Ovation can relieve some of that stress by performing a customized, comprehensive compliance and risk management audit of your IVF lab and operations, so that you can be optimally prepared for inspection at all times and continuously maintain a safe, compliant workplace. 

Designed to your specifications, your audit will be performed by Ovation Off-Site Laboratory Director Diane Wright, PhD, HCLD/CC and Director of Risk Management Cassie Miller. Typically completed on-site in two days, this 360-degree review will result in a comprehensive report addressing all critical areas of your lab’s services, from people to facilities to processes. You’ll learn where to target your improvement efforts, and where your lab is performing well, so you’ll have all the information you need to achieve regulatory compliance as well as excellent outcomes for patients and physicians.

Learn more about IVF lab compliance and risk management services. 

If you’d like more information about how Ovation’s IVF lab support and off-site laboratory director services can make Ovation’s best practices your practices, contact us for details.

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