IVF - In Vitro Fertilization

Enlist the Services of Renowned Scientists, Emerging Technologies and Best Practices in the IVF Lab

In reproductive medicine, a skilled physician who lacks access to an equally skilled IVF lab team cannot achieve his or her full potential. The Ovation® Fertility model for success pairs clinicians and scientists who share a history of clinical excellence. The people directing advanced reproductive technologies (ART) at our cutting-edge labs position Ovation partner physicians ahead of most of their peers working through standalone IVF labs.

Highly Customized IVF Services Lead to Optimal Results

Today’s IVF lab professionals are armed with new methods for customizing ovarian cycle protocols, monitoring embryonic development and maximizing the chances for a successful implantation and pregnancy.

Under Direction of High Complexity Laboratory Directors

Ovation IVF labs routinely conduct groundbreaking research and procedures, including:

  • Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) testing to determine ovarian reserve
  • Computer-automated time-lapse analysis and Omics technology to evaluate embryonic development
  • Reduced embryo stress with sequential growth medium best practices
  • ICSI to facilitate successful fertilization and mitigate sperm disorders

Of course, we also excel at baseline IVF lab services, such as semen analysis, sperm washing for IUI and female fertility testing.

Exacting Standards in the IVF Lab, from Emissions to Equipment

The men and women who enlist Ovation IVF lab services can confidently trust that each cycle is enhanced by cutting-edge services, performed by sought-after embryologists and andrologists equipped with the latest IVF lab equipment and systems:

  • Micro-fiber scrubs that do not emit dust and lint
  • The most advanced HEPA air filtration systems
  • High-technology patient sample identification and tracking systems

The most recognized scientists in the world support our partner fertility centers, all the while advancing the next generation of IVF and fertility treatment as researchers, lecturers, authors and laboratory directors.

Cryopreservation with Vitrification in the Ovation IVF Lab

An in-house fertility preservation program minimizes the handling of reproductive materials—oocytes, embryos, ovarian tissue and sperm. A cohesive team such as ours increases the efficiency of an IVF cycle with improved communications, standardized protocols and operating procedures.

Ovation brings together reproductive endocrinologists, High Complexity Laboratory Directors, embryologists, andrologists and geneticists. We only select partners with a proven history of successful cryopreservation. Our IVF lab partners ensure that a frozen cycle is completed using vitrification, the gold standard in the IVF lab and our exclusive method for fast-freezing eggs and embryos.

As new technology becomes available and clinical trials develop, Ovation will continue to take a leadership role. The IVF lab and personnel who maintain our high standards are essential to the success of each cycle. Learn more about the vision of each Ovation Fertility IVF lab, or contact us to inquire about fertility treatment services.