Donor Services

Immediately Accessible Frozen Donor Eggs

Ovation’s inclusive donor egg program is open to everyone – men and women, married or single, heterosexual or LBGTQIA+. We are honored to support physicians across the United States, regardless of Ovation affiliation.

Ovation Donor Services is a frozen donor oocyte program, so we maintain a continuously populated database of donors who have been intensively prescreened and precycled. Eggs are available in affordable custom cohorts, with simple “per egg” pricing and an optional guarantee. And, eggs can be shipped immediately to any IVF lab in the United States, at no cost, with GPS tracking and remote temperature monitoring to ensure their safety along the way.

Intensively Pre-Screened Donors

All of our available frozen donor eggs come from a large, diverse group of donors who have passed through Ovation’s rigorous screening process and have been precycled in Ovation’s partner clinics across the United States.

The FDA requires that all parties involved in egg donation undergo legal, medical and psychological counseling. Ovation goes further to ensure that only the best candidates become Ovation donors.
All Ovation egg donors undergo a strict pre-screening process to exclude donors with certain characteristics, such as:

  • genetic, psychological and physical health abnormalities
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • history of smoking, alcohol and/or drug abuse

All donors also undergo ultrasound and hormonal fertility screening.

Because all Ovation donors are carefully pre-screened prior to completing their egg donation cycles, there is no chance that your patients will fall in love with a donor only to find that she is ineligible to donate.

Because all Ovation egg donors are young and healthy, pregnancy rates from our donor eggs exceed pregnancy rates experienced with traditional IVF.

A Single Source for Third-Party Services

Ovation Donor Services provides a single point of care coordination and a knowledgeable, compassionate team to support your patients and practice team. Should a patient need both donor eggs and a gestational carrier, Ovation provides seamless access to both through the Center for Surrogate Parenting, an Ovation company.

For more information about Ovation Donor Services, please contact us. If your patients would like view our database of available donors, please direct them to