Physician Partnerships

Succession Planning Through Ovation Acquisition

With multiple laboratories and businesses across the United States, Ovation® Fertility supports leading fertility specialists in multiple markets, providing direct access to advanced IVF services, donor eggs, gestational surrogacy services, off-site lab direction, and cryostorage for reproductive specimens.

Ovation’s relentless focus on scientific improvement has been one key to our success. Another has been Ovation’s unique business model, in which the company grows by acquiring successful IVF laboratories, inviting leading fertility physicians to become investors who help guide Ovation forward.

The Ovation advantage

In a traditional PPM model, physicians sell 100% of their practice and lab. This gives the platform control over practice operations, and makes the physician a salaried employee rather than a truly independent clinician.

Ovation is different. With our model, physicians sell only their IVF labs, maintaining clinical control over their practice while gaining both cash and equity in a growing, diversified IVF services company. Ovation’s unique model gives all shareholders equal economic rights, so there are no preferred interests or subordinated partners.

Our physician partners tend to be entrepreneurs who value their clinical independence, and who want to play a meaningful role in achieving clinical advancements in fertility care. Ovation’s unique structure allows physicians at all stages in their careers to become Ovation shareholders, giving them a voice in the company’s operations and a financial investment that provides quarterly cash distributions, as well as a nest egg to carry forward into retirement.

Our goal is not to become the largest fertility services company, but to have the tightest group of physician shareholders, committed to helping each other succeed, both clinically and financially. The result is a close, friendly collaboration focused on growing a sustainable business and improving outcomes for patients.

What makes Ovation unique?

Multiple markets nationwide – Ovation operates a network of IVF and andrology laboratories in multiple states, all focused on achieving optimal clinical success.

Collaborative innovation – Ovation scientists and physician partners share data and best practices, improving outcomes for patients and partner physician practices.

Research – Ovation is one of America’s most prolific producers of IVF research, with collaborative studies continuously under way to advance the state of the art in IVF.

Clinical advancement – Ovation’s intense focus on continuous improvement has created dramatic advances in clinical outcomes across the Ovation network.

Diversified businesses – More than an IVF lab company, Ovation also offers third-party reproduction, storage of cryopreserved reproductive material, and lab consultation services.

Stewardship – Ovation strives to do good in the world by reducing waste and our carbon footprint; improving employee health, safety and diversity; and leading with responsible corporate governance.

Learn more about Ovation acquisition opportunities

A Morgan Stanley Capital Partners portfolio company, Ovation is on a solid upward growth trajectory, focused on acquiring high-quality IVF laboratories and partnering with the best fertility specialists in the United States. To learn more about Ovation acquisition opportunities, contact the team.