Embryology Services

Embryology Services to Support IVF

Ovation is one of America’s leading providers of embryology services, including ICSI, embryo biopsy and other procedures on the lab side of IVF. Our skilled, highly trained team shares a common commitment to handling all specimens with the utmost care, knowing that they are your most precious assets and the key to your future family.


Intracytoplasmic sperm injection, or ICSI, is frequently used in our IVF labs to aid in fertilization. For this procedure, an Ovation embryologist selects one healthy sperm for injection directly into a mature oocyte, or egg. Rather than relying on a sperm to find its way into the egg on its own in a petri dish, this procedure creates a higher chance of fertilization, especially when the volume of sperm for use in IVF is low.

Embryo monitoring

While fertilized embryos are developing in the Ovation IVF lab, they are kept in highly controlled conditions within specialized incubators. Our embryologists continuously monitor their development, capturing images and communicating their status with you regularly.

Each time an embryologist interacts with an embryo or other specimen sample in the lab, they use a bar code system to verify patient identity and document all procedures performed. This gives you peace of mind that your embryos are in good hands, and that the embryo you transfer is the embryo you conceived.

Embryo transfer

At the time of your embryo transfer, your Ovation embryologist will be working behind the scenes to prepare your embryo for transfer. Our embryologists tell us this is one of the best parts of their job, as they get to celebrate this wonderful day with you.

Embryo freezing

Today’s gold standard of IVF care is to transfer just one high-quality embryo. After all the excitement of ICSI, embryo development and embryo transfer, people using IVF often find they have more embryos than are needed. Any unused embryos can be cryopreserved, or frozen, and kept stored for potential future use.

The Ovation embryology team uses state-of-the-art vitrification procedures and equipment to safely freeze and thaw embryos.

Our IVF labs also contain carefully monitored liquid-nitrogen tanks to safely store your embryos until you need them. If you wish to store them for a long period of time, we offer affordable long-term storage for eggs, sperm and embryos at Ovation Fertility Storage Solutions’ dedicated storage facility in IVF-friendly Nevada.

Getting Started with Ovation Embryology Services

If you need IVF, your fertility specialist will connect you with your local Ovation IVF lab. If ICSI or other procedures are needed, these services will be performed by your skilled on-site embryology team.

You will be able to communicate directly with your embryologist, who will keep you informed of your embryos’ progress day by day. You are welcome to contact your IVF lab with questions at any time.

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