Surrogacy Services

Surrogacy Services by the Center for Surrogate Parenting

Ovation® is proud to offer access to surrogacy services provided by the longest-standing surrogacy agency in the world: the Center for Surrogate Parenting.

CSP is a world-renowned, U.S.-based surrogacy agency with offices in California and Maryland. CSP has welcomed more than 2,600 babies and helps couples and individuals worldwide realize their dream of being parents. CSP’s commitment, expertise and professionalism are recognized and respected within the fields of surrogacy and infertility and all across the globe.

Providing surrogacy services for men and women worldwide

CSP welcomes hopeful parents of all ages, genders and nationalities. Like Ovation, CSP strongly believes that everyone who wants to become a parent should have that opportunity. CSP welcomes referrals from all fertility centers in the U.S. and abroad, as well as patients who come to CSP directly from all over the world.

For more than 40 years, intended parents have enjoyed CSP’s seamless process. Our surrogate mothers are all U.S. citizens, and all CSP babies are born in the United States. For more than 40 years, our intended parents have enjoyed a seamless process, with international parents traveling to the United States for their babies’ birth, receiving an American passport for their children, and returning home with their babies on average 14 days after birth.

Whether you need a gestational carrier due to infertility or because you wish to become same-sex parents or a single father, CSP welcomes you. In fact, CSP was the very first surrogacy agency to help bring a baby into the world for a same-sex couple.

What makes CSP different

Unlike most other surrogacy agencies, CSP intensively prescreens every woman who applies to become a surrogate mother, before she is added to its database of available gestational carriers. This means that when you match with a gestational carrier, you will be assured that she has already passed CSP’s intensive medical and psychological screening process and is ready to get started right away.

This screening is performed at CSP’s expense, so there’s no risk that you will have to pay for the screening of potential surrogates and then find out that they are not eligible to proceed. Thanks in part to this extensive pre-screening process, CSP has never had a surrogate mom back out of a contract.

CSP is also well known for the extensive support it provides to both intended parents and surrogate moms. Each surrogate and family works with the same counselor throughout the entire process, so that any issues that may arise can be addressed by a knowledgeable professional who is deeply familiar with everyone involved. Surrogate moms often form lifelong friendships from participating in regular group meetings with other current and former surrogates.

For more information about either becoming a surrogate mother or matching with a surrogate to help you bring your baby home, visit the Center for Surrogate Parenting online or contact us today.