Off-Site Storage

Off-Site Long-Term Storage of Reproductive Material Protects Family Building Options

For many individuals and couples undergoing fertility care, storing reproductive material becomes part of the path to parenthood. Preserving eggs, sperm or embryos through cryopreservation protects these precious reproductive resources until the time is right to use them – and for most patients, the safety and security of their specimens is of utmost importance.

Ovation Fertility Storage Solutions offers the most advanced storage capabilities available, managing state-of-the-art freezing equipment and facilities throughout the country. In addition, Ovation scientists wrote the book on cryopreservation techniques, allowing patients to store reproductive materials for years, at a reasonable cost, giving them greater control over their family-building options.

Why Choose Ovation for Long-Term Storage?

Ovation Fertility Storage Solutions can safely and expertly house any reproductive material for any length of time. Whether patients want short-term storage (commonly six months or fewer) or long-term storage for decades, Fertility Storage Solutions carries the industry standard for safeguarding:

  • Eggs
  • Sperm
  • Embryos
  • Other reproductive material

Ovation Fertility was founded by a network of internationally renowned scientists, recognized for advancing cryopreservation techniques. Their research has been published in leading industry journals, and they are often invited to present at national and international conferences. Patients who choose Ovation Fertility Storage Solutions make the best possible choice for storing their fertility potential.

The Ovation Advantage

Patients gain peace of mind when they use Ovation for long-term storage. As an industry leader, Ovation Fertility Storage Solutions offers many advantages:

  • The most leading-edge equipment and purpose-built facilities for freezing and storage
  • Storage time for as long as patients require
  • 24-hour monitoring of stored materials
  • Expert staff
  • Storage equipment protected from natural disasters; immediately available backup power; security redundancies
  • Best practices in cryopreservation, using state-of-the-art techniques

Retrieving Materials Made Easy

When patients are ready to use their reproductive material, Ovation makes the process easy. Our team delivers outstanding customer service. We work seamlessly with each patient’s referring physician and IVF lab to retrieve any reproductive material stored at Fertility Storage Solutions to ensure it is safely shipped via hand-courier when and where it is needed, with GPS tracking and remote temperature monitoring along the way. Ovation’s goal is to make the process seamless to patients with quick, efficient, responsive service.

To learn more about the most advanced long-term storage program available, contact Ovation Fertility Storage Solutions.