What stands between you and a baby?

Our life’s work is dedicated to discovering the reasons and removing the obstacles that prevent conception. The research our partner physicians and scientists have published over the past 35 years explores the causes of infertility — female infertility, male infertility, combined, unknown or situational factors — and has led to breakthrough treatments that open doors to families. Ovation® Fertility is a national network of IVF labs and partner physician practices committed to applying leading-edge treatment through the hands and minds of the world’s foremost experts.

Ovation is a result of an unprecedented collaboration among more than 70 of the brightest minds in reproductive medicine who share a strong common bond, having dedicated their lives to resolving infertility-related challenges. We have worked side-by-side for decades to establish U.S. industry standards and contribute to worldwide fertility research. It was only natural to forge a meaningful partnership among our peers to build one of the country’s most effective integrated healthcare delivery platforms specializing in infertility.

As a cohesive, national network, we can provide more to our patients than we did as independent, standalone providers. That is why we became Ovation Fertility and that is what sets us apart.

Ovation Fertility Will Unlock Your Fertility Potential

Our work is defined by our drive to provide prospective parents the best chance for a family. Our team of scientific experts take very seriously our responsibility to produce healthy embryos, which in turn develop into healthy children. Ovation Fertility labs hold all required industry accreditation and certification, but adhere to even more rigorous standards established by our internal clinical advisory committee.

Our clinical advisory committee, which is larger than most stand-alone labs’ entire staff, comprises physicians and scientists passionate about improving outcomes. This committee convenes regularly to assess Ovation’s existing capabilities and identify opportunities to improve on them even further.

Our Care Providers Are Well-Armed

Working as one unified team, Ovation care providers deliver next-generation results by applying our collective knowledge to the industry’s most desired, state-of-the-art equipment. Being among the top five largest providers of IVF services in the nation, and one of the most prolific publishers of scientific advancements, we are constantly engaged by companies to test leading-edge equipment before it becomes available across the industry.

The combination of our pioneering scientific team and our access to the best-of-the-best technology enables us to provide the most effective infertility treatment options in the country.

Working Collectively, Caring Individually

Despite our size and the obvious benefits that come with caring for thousands of patients a year, we treat each aspiring parent with individual respect and attentiveness.

The motivating factor behind our commitment to individualized care stems in good part from our own personal struggles with infertility. Many Ovation team members — IVF lab professionals, marketing team, legal counsel and partner physicians — have benefited from our own fertility services.

We Have Been Where You Are Now

We know every struggle is an individual experience, but a common thread exists among everyone who faces challenges to become pregnant. We are proud of the fact that we can relate to how you feel and find our work more meaningful as a result.

Building a family is one of life’s greatest achievements, and we believe we are the most capable resource to help you experience the joy of parenthood. If you would like to partner with us to help make your family dreams a reality, please contact us here.