Egg Freezing

Ovation Fertility Helps Stop Your Biological Clock through Affordable Egg Freezing

Freezing your eggs while you are still young may not be something you have thought about, but it should be one option to consider if you know you want a family in the future. Before age 35, you have the best chance of having the healthiest eggs, and the greatest number of eggs, to produce a successful pregnancy.

Ovation Fertility, a leader in reproductive medicine and technology, offers affordable egg freezing to help you plan now for your future family.

Why Should You be Interested in Affordable Egg Freezing?

When you are born, you have all the eggs your body will ever produce. And from that time forward, both your supply of eggs and their quality begin to diminish. In fact, by the time most women reach age 30, they only have about 12 percent of their eggs remaining; by age 40, less than 1 percent remain.

Here are some reasons to consider our affordable egg freezing plan:

  • You want to preserve your fertility for the future.
  • You do not want to worry about your biological clock.
  • You want to plan proactively so that a medical diagnosis later in life does not derail your plans to have a family.

What if you have other priorities right now? You may have career goals, or you may be single and not ready to choose a partner with whom to start a family. You also may have your available savings earmarked for something else.

Trusted Protocols from Ovation Experts

Ovation is at the leading edge of IVF treatment. We are recognized across the reproductive medicine field for advanced protocols that ensure outstanding results in egg and sperm retrieval, freezing and storage, as well as fertilization procedures that produce healthy embryos. Our scientists’ research is routinely published in respected journals and presented at leading international fertility conferences. Partnering with Ovation assures you that you are choosing the best in the industry for your family-planning journey.

Preserve Your Fertility Today

Contact us to discuss how Ovation can help you control your reproductive future through our affordable egg freezing program. We know that egg freezing is a very personal and important decision, and we are happy to answer all of your questions.

Egg Freezing Services at Ovation Fertility

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