Marty McGuirk

Marty McGuirk, Chief Development Officer

As the chief development officer for Ovation® Fertility, Marty McGuirk oversees the mergers and acquisitions team as they identify and execute opportunities to expand Ovation’s nationwide network of IVF, andrology and genetics laboratories. His work not only allows for more opportunities for Ovation labs to collaborate and create more value for all shareholders, but it also helps improve fertility care for intended parents.

Marty has over a decade of experience in corporate development and knowledge of the healthcare space. As a result, he oversees all aspects of mergers and acquisitions at Ovation from transaction evaluation and negotiations to due diligence.

Before joining Ovation, Marty worked as the vice president of corporate development for National Veterinary Associates. There, he led a team focused on strategic and specialty acquisitions across the United States and spearheaded negotiations for 28 opportunities within his first four months. Prior to that role, he worked for DaVita Healthcare Partners for nearly a decade as the vice president of corporate development, handling strategy development and growth activities for a $2 billion region operating in 16 states.

Earlier in his career, Marty served as the vice president of strategy and corporate development (West U.S. and Brazil) for Lafarge in the aggregates and concrete division. This role provided him with a wealth of experience in strategic planning and all phases of mergers and acquisitions on both a national and international scale. For one of his projects, he successfully executed a complex asset swap valued in excess of $450 million.

Marty earned his Bachelor of Arts with honors in politics from Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. He later attended the University of Virginia in Charlottesville to earn his Master of Business Administration.

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