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Meet the Department VIP – Alysha Chambers with Compliance

Alysha Chambers takes her responsibility to patients seriously, going above and beyond in her position as consent coordinator in the Compliance Department. While she does work with patients on the mountain of paperwork they need to sign for all their procedures, she offers them something else—kindness, patience and much-needed positivity during every conversation. She also brings this cheerful attitude and team spirit to her work with staff. 

How Did You Get Into Your Line of Work?

I was working in another fertility clinic in Oklahoma when an embryologist who worked with me part-time reached out about an opening at Ovation. She said that she thought it would be a good fit for me, and I would be good with the patients. I’m glad that Ovation took a chance on me. I don’t know how it happened, but I’m very thankful that it did.

What’s an Average Day Like for You?

I help our patients with the documentation for consent for all their procedures. I also make sure patients get the paperwork done and help them if there is anything wrong or anything extra that needs attention. I’m an assistant to the lab and clinic staff for all the retrievals and transfers in four Ovation locations, including Cincinnati, OH; Grand Rapids, MI; Las Vegas and Colchester, VT. I take my laptop with me everywhere I go because everyone is in different time zones, and I try to respect those differences. 

I spend most of my day on the phone with staff and patients. As for the staff, I try to present myself as a team player. I know they are dealing with a lot so hearing from me about a patient who hasn’t completed their consent or paperwork puts a dent in their plans. I try very hard to make sure that they know they can come to me and ask questions or ask me to contact a patient for them. When we are all on the same page, we are achieving Ovation’s primary goal to help patients succeed.

What’s Your Favorite Part of Working for Ovation?

Helping patients! I love being a cheerleader for these couples. I rarely encounter anyone rude or mean. Just talking with patients and understanding them is important. As challenging as it is, it is rewarding and real. I talk to patients who are going through a lot, and often they just want someone to listen or understand what they are experiencing. They need to feel like they have someone who is not just doing the basic work, but someone who is saying, “Hey, I understand. Tell me about it.” 

Every day I try to be there for patients in any way they need me to be. I know all these papers are overwhelming. I like to end every conversation with a patient by saying, “I hope nothing but the best for you.” Sometimes, everyone needs a cheerleader and a positive word.

Why Is Ovation’s Work So Important?

Ovation is so much more than a business. It’s a place where patients put their trust in us to help assist them with achieving their family goals. We work hard to be a safe place for these patients who are struggling with something so big in their lives. The people of Ovation work hard day in and day out to build these relationships and do what we can for patients, and that is why I love working here so much.

What Do You Like To Do Outside of Work?

When I’m not working, my life revolves around my 10-year-old daughter, Sabrina. She’s a competitive cheerleader, and I enjoy going to her competitions and spending time with her.

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