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Meet the Ovation Star Elizabeth Foust – Andrologist From San Antonio/New Braunfels 

Elizabeth Foust started at Ovation New Braunfels in March 2021, after graduating in 2017 from Ball State University with a biology major and zoology concentration. She currently shares time helping patients in both our San Antonio and New Braunfels locations. She loves her job because it merges her curiosity about cutting-edge science with her strong desire to make a difference in the lives of future families.  


How did you get into your line of work?  

I have always been curious about science. After I graduated from college, I started in histology, so I would take tissue samples and make them into microscopic slides. In addition, I also was working on maintaining the lab and making sure we had a good professional working environment, maintaining good lab etiquette, which I took very seriously.  

By 2021, my husband and I were looking toward our future with plans to move from Indiana and live in the San Antonio area. I applied for this job as an andrologist with Ovation in New Braunfels. I actually had to Google what it was because I wasn’t sure. But in the interview, I was told much of the job was teachable, so long as I was willing to be taught. I was ready for that because I saw it as a great opportunity that I could make a difference and help others. I think Ovation recognized that I really wanted to learn and be part of the team.  

What is an average day like for you?  

While I was originally hired for New Braunfels, since March I have shared time between New Braunfels and San Antonio. Since we are a satellite office at New Braunfels, and I am the lone representative of Ovation there, I do a little of everything, from daily lab responsibilities to checking patients in and handling the scheduling.  

In San Antonio, I am doing more than just andrology. We have an embryology lab on site, so I can witness embryo thawing and transfers and be able to assist on those as well. It’s been a great opportunity – being on-site, I can see what embryology entails, and I am fascinated by that. It really excites me, and it’s a direction I want to move in the future.  

In an average week, I probably come to San Antonio maybe 75 percent of the time on average, but it varies. My day-to-day really depends on orders from physicians. No day is the same. Some days, if there is something that is needed in New Braunfels, I will go handle that, and then come back to San Antonio when I am needed and assist and set up for the next day.  

I would say my main responsibilities are andrology samples, such as semen analysis samples and sperm washing to prepare for IUI in New Braunfels. When in San Antonio, I am involved with sperm freezing, along with IVF sperm preparation. 

Obviously, whenever we have insemination procedures that are time-sensitive, I always make it a point to be exactly wherever I am needed when I am needed. 

What’s your favorite part of working for Ovation?  

Now, I am a mom to an 8-month-old son, and he has brought me so much joy. Being part of a team that is dedicated to supporting the journey toward parenthood for someone else is what motivates me. If we can help end their struggles, and a patient’s journey can end with a viable pregnancy, that is what drives me. It makes me want to pursue my future in this field, to continue through fertility and embryology.  

What I really understand for our patients is that not everyone’s journey is linear. Some people have to make stops along the way. I am so humbled to be part of that journey for them.  

What do you like most about working in fertility care? 

I always love the process of learning. No matter how long you spend in this field, you can always learn because science is always changing. Being a part of the change in someone’s life, as well as experiencing changes in science and seeing it firsthand, is what I love about the field of fertility.  

What do you like to do for fun? 

I am on the go a lot with my son. He is a hoot and brings me immense joy. We have been in San Antonio for two years, and I have friends who are also moms, so we do a lot of baby playdates. I enjoy the time I can spend with my husband, Andrew. We enjoy cooking out.  

My husband and I also enjoy going to the movies, and sometimes we are just happy to hang out and relax and watch TV. Sometimes downtime is hard to come by, so we enjoy it when we can!  


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