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Celebrating Ovation Las Vegas’ High Success Rates and a Big Move

Las Vegas Lab Director, Dr. Aguirre At Ovation®, our purpose is to bring our patients the joy of parenthood through innovative science.

This month’s Connect to Purpose shows how Ovation Las Vegas does just that. Ovation Las Vegas is renowned for its high success rates, with an implantation rate of 84% and ongoing pregnancy rate of 62.8% in patients under 35 for 2021.

Las Vegas Lab Director, Dr. Aguirre

Las Vegas Lab Director, Dr. Aguirre

Martha Aguirre PhD, laboratory director for Ovation Las Vegas, and her team aren’t content to rest on their laurels though. As a result, they’re always looking for ways to improve fertility care for patients.

For example, frozen embryo transfers weren’t always as common as they are in reproductive medicine today. Ovation Las Vegas was one of the first laboratories to pioneer this IVF protocol.
“We have been doing frozen embryo transfers for several years now, and it has made a huge difference in our success rates. Other labs around the country are now following our lead to improve outcomes for their patients as well,” Dr. Aguirre explains.

Using innovative reproductive technology and best practices in the lab are just a few pieces of the Ovation Las Vegas recipe for success. Dr. Aguirre says the team makes all the difference. “We have a great group of people working together to collaborate and communicate with doctors and patients to achieve the best outcomes possible.”

Patients from around the United States and the world have taken notice of what Ovation Las Vegas has to offer, which has made both the lab and The Fertility Center of Las Vegas (FCLV) international destinations for advanced fertility care.

With such a great demand for reproductive services, Ovation Las Vegas and FCLV have grown out of their current spaces. Thankfully, bigger and better facilities are just around the corner. The Las Vegas lab team will be moving to a brand-new building in September, which will feature a much larger space as well as state-of-the-art equipment.

“We’ve been seeing more domestic and international patients coming back to continue growing their families as well as more patients who have been recommended to us through word of mouth,” Dr. Aguirre explains. “With our new facility and resources, we’ll be able to serve even more women and men who are pursuing fertility treatment and help them find greater success in achieving their family-building goals.”

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