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The Nashville Team Improves Patient Satisfaction With Innovative Tech

Dr. Aldo Esterhuizen, Ovation Fertility Nashville Laboratory Director Every day, the teams in Ovation® Fertility labs are focused on our purpose of bringing the joy of parenthood through innovative science. However, we aren’t just focused on helping hopeful parents have healthy babies. We’re also committed to making sure patients have a great journey to parenthood.

As a result, Ovation Nashville has implemented several measures to help improve patient satisfaction and enhance the delivery of fertility care.

The first of these measures is implementing Artisan both in the lab and on the clinic side at Nashville Fertility Center.

Ovation has steadily been rolling out this electronic medical records system in all labs, but there is something unique about how it’s been done in Nashville.

According to Ovation Nashville Laboratory Director Dr. Aldo Esterhuizen, “Nashville is one of the few labs in the Ovation realm where both the lab and the local affiliate practice use the same EMR. Doing so helps improve our communication with the patient and the clinic, as the patient and laboratory information is immediately available for both the lab and the clinic.”

Implementing Artisan isn’t the only way that the Nashville team is working to improve patient satisfaction. The lab is also using Matcher to provide hopeful parents with peace of mind. This electronic witnessing system witnesses and identifies embryos in the IVF lab. This service is designed to prevent lab errors in embryo identification, which reduces patients’ anxiety while increasing their confidence.

Another piece of technology you can soon find in the Nashville lab is Smart Station. This specific piece of equipment allows patients to be involved in their laboratory procedures in a very cool way. Patients can view images of their retrieved eggs and their developing embryos in real time.

Finally, Ovation Nashville will be the pilot location for an Ovation-wide initiative. This will involve asking patients to complete a satisfaction survey and using the results to find out what the team is doing well as well as identifying areas where the team can do even better.

“Even the best teams have room for growth, and we think it makes sense to go straight to patients to find out what these areas are. After all, the patients will know best, and they’re the reason why we do what we do every day,“ Dr. Esterhuizen explains.


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