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Our Ovation Fertility experts offer infertility resolutions for 2016

Many people start to question their personal resolutions now that the New Year is in full swing.

New Years Resolutions While originally designed to enhance the quality of their lives, sometimes these resolutions don’t make it to February. If you are a fertility patient, however, keeping some key resolutions can have a lasting impact.

Our Ovation Fertility experts around the county believe that focusing on positive enhancements can help patients as they deal with the roller coaster of infertility.

Ovation Fertility offers 4 resolution tips for handling infertility

The New Year provides an opportunity for our patients to renew their commitment and energy as they continue on the journey toward parenthood.

Make healthy changes in your lifestyle. Infertility treatment can strain your physical wellbeing, so take time to strengthen your body. Regular exercise, a balanced diet and relaxation practices like meditation can enable you to keep feeling your best.

Concentrate on your relationship. Trying to get pregnant can take over all aspects of your life and your relationship may suffer. Plan a special dinner or a weekend getaway to put fertility treatments on the back burner and re-connect as a couple.

Set a non-fertility goal. Although having a baby remains a top priority, taking up a hobby, like learning a new language, can provide you with a sense of personal pride and accomplishment.

Re-center yourself. Take time to think about the areas of your life that give you joy. Make time to appreciate and enjoy your partner, close friends, pets, family, community activities and faith.

The stress of infertility can take a toll on you and your partner, so use the New Year as a chance for revitalization. Ovation Fertility and our team of experts provide compassionate support throughout this process. Find an Ovation Fertility lab near you for more information.

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