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Preimplantation Genetic Testing and Getting Pregnant Faster on Fox News -New York

PGT, the new gold standard for embryo selection, can eradicate genetic diseases in the next generation

Capture-300x184crThe CDC reports that birth defects caused by genetic disorders affect 1 in 33 births in the U.S. Dr. Kaylen Silverberg, an Ovation Fertility™ partner physician and board member, advocates using preimplantation genetic testing, PGT, to better assess embryos prior to transfer during IVF.

  • Preimplantation genetic screening, PGS, evaluates chromosomal balance and identifies aneuploidy.
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis, PGD, scans DNA for a specific genetic mutation or sex-linked disorder.

Preimplantation genetic testing, PGT, encompasses both of these methodologies.

Newer IVF lab services replace visual embryo grading, in which embryologists count cells and look for fragmentation, with digital, high-speed testing. “Looking at the genes, rather than judging from outward appearances, allows us to select the healthiest embryo for transfer to the uterus,” says Dr. Silverberg.

“We have the ability and the technology to eradicate diseases that have ravaged families for decades,” Dr. Silverberg says in an interview with Fox News—New York.

PGT provides key benefits

The potential to have a single IVF cycle brings the cost of IVF down significantly for patients, insurers and society, effectively mitigating the downstream costs associated with multiples in pregnancy. The Fox News segment highlights the key benefits of PGT.

  • PGT helps curtail inheritable genetic disease and chromosomal disorders.
  • PGT reduces the risk of miscarriage.
  • PGT technology increases IVF live birth rates.
  • PGT can mitigate the risk and cost of multiple births.

Dr. Silverberg reiterated that while PGT doesn’t guarantee a live birth, it does increase the likelihood far beyond what we’ve had in the past.

“With this method, we can do a much better job of helping women achieve a pregnancy the first time with IVF. Whereas before we had national success rates of 30-40% per embryo transfer, now we are able to reach rates as high as 70-80% per embryo transfer.”

Who is a candidate for PGT?

Anyone who is building a family benefits from PGT. This new approach not only lowers the cost of IVF by increasing live, singleton birth rates, it eliminates the outdated custom of transferring embryos that are incompatible with life.

PGT gives parents-to-be the confidence to choose the single embryo most likely to grow into a healthy baby. If you have further questions about the use of PGT to mitigate inheritable genetic disorders or recurrent miscarriage, please contact us at Ovation Fertility.

Watch the full interview with Dr. Silverberg on Fox News—New York in the segment New way to reduce risk of passing genetic disorders to kids.



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