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The Fertility Center of Las Vegas Unites with Leading IVF Labs

Private Equity Funding Supports Collaborative Medicine Among Elite Fertility Centers

ovagen-default-press-imageThe Fertility Center of Las Vegas has joined three other leading U.S. fertility labs to co-found Ovation Fertility™, a nationwide network of IVF labs and partner fertility centers. This network will connect fertility patients in Las Vegas and Henderson with more than 50 of the world’s most-recognized names in reproductive medicine.

“Scientists and researchers rely on collaboration to test theories and ultimately achieve success,” says Dr. Bruce Shapiro, founder, medical director and IVF laboratory director for The Fertility Center of Las Vegas™. “As part of Ovation Fertility, we now have greater accessibility to resources, technologies and colleagues who share our passion for resolving infertility for men and women who wish to become parents.”

As one of Nevada’s first fertility centers, The Fertility Center of Las Vegas has earned a reputation for innovative research and next-generation fertility-treatment options, such as post-thaw extended culture (PTEC) and single-embryo transfer. Dr. Shapiro was one of the first physicians to perform a blastocyst transfer and is well known for his industry-shaping research on treating women at risk for ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome.

IVF Labs Align to Enhance IVF Outcomes

Ovation Fertility represents an alliance of clinicians and scientists in the medical subspecialty of reproductive endocrinology. Fertility specialists work closely with high-complexity laboratories to perfect advanced reproductive technologies (ART), specifically in vitro fertilization. Ovation Fertility has created an incubator for idea sharing and innovation across four U.S. states: Tennessee, Texas, Nevada and California; and four U.S. IVF labs.

“Private equity funding demonstrates a vote of confidence from investors who believe that the Ovation Fertility brand represents something valuable and unique,” says Nate Snyder, chief executive officer. “This growing partnership among the nation’s leading IVF centers promises to positively impact the next generation of fertility care, and I am privileged to help support those efforts.”

Ovation Fertility™ – Ovation Fertility, founded in 2015 by a consortium of thought-leading reproductive endocrinologists, is a national fertility service provider offering all aspects of fertility treatment for intended parents, including embryology, andrology and genetic testing as part of the in-vitro fertilization process. Ovation Fertility partners with prominent physician clinics that are committed to reducing the average cost of a live birth through IVF by advancing the industry standard in fertility treatments. For more information, visit www.OvationFertility.com.

About The Fertility Center of Las Vegas™ – The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, Henderson, Los Angeles is one of the leading fertility centers in the world and since 1988 has helped create thousands of families by providing the most advanced fertility treatments available today. They are a full service clinic offering traditional and third party solutions with offices in Nevada and California. Contact The Fertility Center of Las Vegas at (702) 254-1777, or visit www.fertilitycenterlv.com.