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Matthew “Tex” VerMilyea, PhD, HCLD/CC, to Present at Dallas Embryologists Association Meeting

Ovation® Fertility’s Vice President of IVF Lab Operations Matthew “Tex” VerMilyea, PhD, HCLD/CC, has been invited to a guest speaker at the December 9, 2019, meeting of the Dallas Embryologists Association, an organization for laboratory professionals working in assisted reproductive technologies (ART) in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Dr. VerMilyea will present on the topic, “Physiological Culture Media & Mitotic Euploid with Morphology as a Second Indicator.”

Dr. VerMilyea serves as a scientific resource and operational advocate for the nationwide network of Ovation IVF labs and is responsible for facilitating clinical collaboration across Ovation’s laboratory teams. He also maintains lab and scientific directorship oversight for the Ovation Fertility Austin and Ovation Fertility San Antonio IVF labs. He is board certified as both a clinical consultant and a high complexity clinical laboratory director, and is well-known within the IVF research community for leading innovative, collaborative studies to advance the science of fertility care, including award-nominated research involving the use of artificial intelligence in IVF.

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