Christie Zingoni

Christie Zingoni, Fertility Sales Manager

As a fertility sales manager at Ovation® Fertility, Christie Zingoni plays an important role in helping the company grow and expand. By developing new relationships with fertility practices and IVF laboratories, she helps bring the joy of parenthood to even more intended parents. Her work also supports Ovation’s growth while creating value for shareholders.

Christie has been in the world of fertility sales for over a decade. As a result, she is a talented sales professional who has a deep understanding of the various family-building services and offerings in reproductive medicine.

Before joining Ovation in 2019, Christie spent several years working as a regional account manager at ARC Fertility. There, she served under the leadership of Dr. David Adamson, a world-renowned pioneer in fertility medicine. She also worked as an account manager for Freedom Fertility Pharmacy for nearly five years, serving as the account manager for fertility clinics in Connecticut, New York and several areas around the United States.

In addition to sales, Christie’s background also includes working at a fertility clinic in Connecticut. She secured this position shortly after graduating from college and it introduced her to the fertility space. In her role at the clinic, she helped develop the third party reproduction program. This experience inspired her to explore the field and work in other capacities within it.

Christie earned her Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Western Connecticut State University. She also has a Stanford Genetics and Genomics Certificate from the Stanford Center for Professional Development.

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