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The San Antonio Team Helps Patient Bypass Problem With Donor Egg Shipment

Ashley Leon, Embryologist

As the associate laboratory director at Ovation® Fertility San Antonio, Dr. Nirvika Singh Sharma knows what it’s like to bring the joy of parenthood through innovative science.

She and the embryologists in her lab also understand that the path to parenthood sometimes includes some speed bumps. When these obstacles appear, the team in San Antonio works hard to bypass them and give patients peace of mind.

This is exactly what happened when an outside egg donor agency sent a patient’s order of donor eggs to the wrong facility.

When Ashley Leon, an embryologist in San Antonio, heard from the facility that received the shipment in error, she sprang into action. “I immediately contacted the patient to inform her of the issue and assured her that we would make things right for her.”

Ashley contacted the egg bank and had them reroute the patient’s donor eggs to the San Antonio lab the next day. “Until the eggs arrived, the patient was freaking out. However, I did my best to reassure her while making sure the eggs made it safely to our lab.”

Despite the initial stress, the patient would ultimately receive good news. After thawing and fertilizing the frozen donor eggs, the patient learned that two of the three resulting embryos were euploid.

According to Ashley, “This news made it all worth it. Sometimes, we must go above and beyond for our patients to help them on their journey to reach their happily ever after.”

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