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Department VIP – Paulette Leverett

Paulette Leverett, Operations Specialist, Ovation Fertility Storage Solutions

Paulette joined Ovation® Fertility doing administrative work in our San Antonio lab before transitioning to Fertility Storage Solutions, where she enjoys working with both our labs and our patients.

How did you get into your line of work?
I absolutely love my position with Fertility Storage Solutions. I didn’t start my career in this field, but it coincides with what I’ve done in the past. I started my career as a cosmetologist, which I did until I started building my family. At that point, I opened and ran my own daycare for 11 years, until my children were older.

As I started looking for new job opportunities, I found an open position doing administrative work in the Ovation lab in San Antonio. Even though my family was in Austin, I moved to New Braunfels to take the role. I enjoyed my work, but I missed being so close to my family.

Thankfully, I discovered an opportunity to move back to Austin to work for Fertility Storage Solutions. Fertility Storage Solutions really took off and grew under the direction of John Whitney. Shortly after I moved back, I also had my first grandchild, so the timing was perfect.

What has your career path been like at Ovation?
My journey with Ovation started at the San Antonio lab in 2014. In the beginning, it was me and one embryologist, as the lab had just opened. My position began as a front desk/administrative role. I eventually took a position with Fertility Storage Solutions here in Austin five years later.

What is an average day of work like for you?
In my position, I’m the point of contact for the 10 locations we have acquired. I answer all incoming calls and email inquiries for Fertility Storage Solutions. I also assist patients with storage questions about payment, billing, storage plan options and how to complete the required documents to continue or cancel storage.

What’s your favorite part of working for Ovation?
I love communicating with the patients. It’s rewarding to help them feel comfortable and know that their specimens are safe and secure. When it comes down to it, everything we do is for our patients.

I also really enjoy working for John Whitney. You couldn’t ask for a better person to work underneath. He has created the storage department to be a successful environment for employees while providing top-notch storage services for patients. When communicating with patients, it helps to know we are providing the best service possible.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I’m very family oriented, so spending time with my family and grandchildren is my favorite thing to do. I enjoy doing activities as a family like bowling, playing board games and going to the comedy club. Also, since I have a background in cosmetology, I also enjoy doing hair on the side for my family and friends. It brings me great joy to use my skills to help people feel good.

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