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Ovation Star – Christene Anthony

Christene Anthony, Senior Intended Parent Case Manager, Center for Surrogate Parenting

Christene Anthony, senior intended parent case manager for the Center for Surrogate Parenting, is a world traveler with a passion for relationship building in both her personal and professional life.

Christene Anthony has been with the Center for Surrogate Parenting (CSP) since 2015. Throughout her career, she has worked in industries that range from mortgage banking to counseling, which has given her the relationship building skills she uses every day in her work with intended parents who are pursuing surrogacy.

How did you get into your line of work?

Before joining CSP in 2015, I worked in several different areas, from wholesale mortgage banking to counseling. Even though I’ve had careers in different industries, the focus has always been on business development, community relations and client care. The same is true of my work at CSP.

It’s funny because I would start talking to people at a store or on a plane, and I would end up with the opportunity to explore a different industry. The details might vary, but the basics are always the same – relationship building.

How did you start working at CSP?

Right before I became an intended parent case manager, I was working with Counseling Associates. This is the psychological team that’s affiliated with CSP, and the counselors help guide surrogates and intended parents through the surrogacy process from matching to birth.

In my role with Counseling Associates, I got a chance to know the leadership at CSP as well as meet surrogates and intended parents. It was all a great experience, so when a position at CSP opened up in 2015, I decided to go for it.

What is an average day like for you at CSP?

We work with domestic and international intended parents, so we do a lot of communicating over Zoom, email and the phone. Most of the people who are getting started with surrogacy have no idea what it will look like, so it’s our job to help them learn about the costs, timing, complexities, expectations and responsibilities as well as understand the view from the surrogate’s perspective.

This includes introducing them to doctors, lawyers, counselors and egg donor agencies. Being a part of Ovation is great because so much of this can be in house now. It really helps streamline things for our intended parents.

What’s your favorite part of working for CSP/Ovation?

We have a great team approach, and I appreciate how everyone supports each other here. I’m also very excited about our new director’s vision, energy and enthusiasm. We are re-examining our business protocol on every level and that forward thinking approach has such possibility. Under Daniel Madero’s guidance and direction, I think our best days are ahead.

For example, the team at CSP is looking forward to developing influential and supportive relationships with Ovation partner physicians so that we can best help them serve their patients.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy traveling, partner dancing, cooking for friends and learning more about organic gardening. I also like listening to audiobooks when I’m cooking or relaxing. After spending all day looking at screens, it’s nice to give my eyes a break but still enjoy a story.

I also like to volunteer when I can. Most recently I helped a local high school’s cross country program sell 1,200 T-shirts in six hours. I can now fold a T-shirt like I was born at the Gap.

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